Severe Weather

    Outdoor Storm Warning System

    The system consists of nineteen (19) storm sirens located throughout the City. The sirens are tested the first Wednesday of every month with the exception of December and January. The sirens are not tested if the National Weather service indicates that there is the possibility of severe weather.

    The sirens can be activated from the Emergency Operation Center, Emergency Communications Center, and the Johnson County Sheriffs Office. The cable television providers can be interrupted by local officials for the dissemination of weather warnings.

    The system is used to warn the public in the event of: Tornado Warning or National Security Threat.

    In an actual tornado warning the sirens will be sounded for three minutes. The warning may be repeated as many times as needed. THERE IS NO ALL CLEAR SIGNAL using the sirens.

    When the emergency sirens sound:

    • Go INSIDE and STAY INSIDE - Take shelter in interior portions and on lower floors of buildings. Stay away from windows and rooms with long roof spans.
    • TAKE NECESSARY COVER - If outside seek inside shelter. If shelter is not available, lie flat in a ditch or ravine or depression.
    • LISTEN - Listen to your local radio and television station for information.
    • STAY OFF THE TELEPHONE - DO NOT DIAL 9-1-1 or call the Fire or Police Department unless you have an actual emergency or need police assistance.
    • DO NOT attempt to pick up children at schools or other locations where they would be safe.
    • THE SIRENS ARE INTENDED FOR OUTSIDE USE ONLY - for additional protection we suggest that you purchase a programmable weather radio.

    If you live near an outdoor storm warning sirens and it does not activate during the monthly test please notify the Fire Department (913) 631-1080.
    Severe Weather Awareness Week occurs in in the month of March.

    Questions: Johnson County Emergency Management & Homeland Security
    (913) 715-1003 (office)
    (816) 260-1695 (cell)
    (913) 791-5002 (fax)