General Provisions
Classified Offense Penalties
1.20.020 Classified Offense Penalties:

A. Any Person convicted of a violation of the Shawnee Municipal Code designated as a Class A, B or C offense shall be punished as provided in this section:
B. In addition to or in lieu of any other sentence authorized by law, whenever there is evidence that the act constituting the violation was substantially related to the possession, use or ingestion of cereal malt beverage or alcoholic liquor by such Person, the court may order such Person to attend and satisfactorily complete an alcohol or drug education or training program certified by the administrative judge of the judicial district or licensed by the secretary of social and rehabilitation services.

C. As an alternative to any of the above fines, the fine imposed may be fixed at any greater sum not exceeding double the pecuniary gain derived from the crime by the offender.
(Ord. 2790, 2005)