Buildings and Construction
WECS Two Year Periodic Inspections.
No person shall operate or maintain a WECS without a safety and function inspection report of the WECS prepared by a Special Inspector and approved by the Building Official, completed within two years of the date of construction of the WECS, and not less frequently than every two years thereafter, certifying that the WECS system is maintained and operated in accordance with this Chapter and the IBC.

The inspection shall be conducted to ensure that the system is functioning in compliance with the original design, that all safety features are functional and operational, and approving the structural integrity of the WECS and all support structures. A copy of a new inspection report shall be submitted to the Building Official for review and approval not less than every two years after the completion of construction. Deficiencies or problems identified in the report shall be corrected within 90 days from the date of the inspection.
(Ord. 2954, 2009)