Buildings and Construction
Duties required of permittee.
15.56.090 Duties required of permittee. A. It is the duty of, and all permittees shall:
1. Complete the work of moving, tearing down or construction within the time specified in the permit;
2. Clear from the property left vacant all trash, debris, junk or discarded materials;
3. Remove all foundations and slab floor materials at least one foot below ground level, unless another building or structure is to be erected immediately upon the foundation.
B. No building or structure shall be abandoned or left unattended for any time upon the public right-of-way, public streets or private property not set forth in the application. All permittees shall immediately comply with all orders, directions or instructions of the codes enforcement officer, community development director, police officer, or any other city official concerning the movement of any building or structure within the city. (Ord. 1683 2(part), 1985)