Buildings and Construction
Exterior wall surface.
15.52.100 Exterior wall surface. A. Exterior wall surfaces, including screened-off areas, doors and windows, shall be free of holes or breaks, loose or damaged construction materials and any other conditions which might admit rain, insects or animals to the interior portions of the walls or occupied spaces of the structure. Cracks in mortar between bricks or stone in excess of one-fourth of an inch in size shall be sealed.
B. All exterior wall surfaces shall be maintained and kept in repair using materials compatible with the remaining undamaged wall surfaces and recognized as acceptable pursuant to city building code. Where an existing painted wall surface has areas of chipping, peeling, scaling or missing paint which is observable from the property line, roadway or adjacent properties, then such surface shall be repainted or stripped of all paint and given a water-resistant coating if necessary.
C. Mailboxes attached to structures or freestanding shall be maintained as described above for wall surfaces, and shall be installed in compliance with applicable postal regulations. (Ord. 2379 1(part), 1998)