Buildings and Construction
15.56.040 Investigation. A. Upon receipt of the application, the codes enforcement officer shall cause to be instituted an investigation of the structure, the proposed route to be used in such moving, and the effect the move will have on the wires and other property of the public utilities, the city, or private parties.
B. If for any reason it is determined that the proposed route is impracticable or likely to occasion damage to the public streets, sidewalks or rights-of-way, or private property, the application may be denied or an alternate route required. No application shall be granted without the approval of the chief of police, to include approval of any escort service utilized by the permittee.
C. Any building or structure to be relocated within the city must be found by the director of community development to be compatible with the existing houses in the neighborhood. In determining compatibility, the director may consider square footage, site planning, type of construction, code requirements, or other elements which would tend to affect neighboring properties. In addition, the codes enforcement officer shall investigate the proposed site to determine whether an adequate foundation exists to receive the building. (Ord. 1683 2(part), 1985)