Buildings and Construction
Underground installation required.
15.64.020 Underground installation required. A. From and after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter it is unlawful, except as specifically provided herein, for any person or utility to erect or construct poles, overhead wires and associated overhead structures to supply electric, communication or other similar or associated service to any area, platted or unplatted within the corporate boundaries of the city.
B. The subdivider, developer or owner of any such area or a portion thereof shall make the necessary arrangements for the installation of underground facilities, including circuits for street lights and traffic signals that may be required by the city. Such arrangements shall be made with each of the companies or persons supplying the electrical and communications service therein, in accordance with the established charges of such company or person. Letters from each of such companies or persons, indicating that such arrangements have been made, shall be submitted to the chief building official or his designated representative at the time a building permit application is received. Before a certificate of occupancy is granted the building official shall determine that all provisions of this chapter have been met.
C. Nothing in this chapter will prevent a subdivider, developer or owner from making arrangements with a private contractor, qualified to the satisfaction of the utility involved, for the installation of underground facilities in accordance with the established specifications of the companies controlling the utilities or communications service. (Ord. 1650 1(3-1302), 1984)