Buildings and Construction
15.56.030 Permit--Application. A. No permit to move a building or structure shall be issued until and unless the person applying for the permit shall have delivered to the city codes enforcement officer a written application on a form provided by the city for such purposes which includes the following information:
1. Name and address of applicant;
2. Two recent photographs of the structure proposed to be moved within or through the city;
3. Plot plan with legal description of the lot from which the building is to be moved, giving the lot number, block number and subdivision;
4. Plot plan to scale with the legal description of the lot to which it is proposed such building be moved, giving lot number, block number and subdivision, if located within the city;
5. Whether a suitable foundation is in place to receive the building, if to be relocated within the city;
6. Time of commencement of work and estimated time of completion.
B. All applications to relocate a building or structure within the city shall be submitted to the codes enforcement officer not less than ten working days prior to a regular city council meeting. The codes enforcement officer shall inform the applicant by mail of the date and time the application will be reviewed by the city council. The codes enforcement officer shall not accept any application unless the applicant provides proof that all permit fees, bonds, occupational licenses and insurance requirements set forth in this chapter are complied with. (Ord. 1683 2(part), 1985)