Buildings and Construction
Permit required.
15.44.030 Permit required. The provisions of this section shall apply to the design, construction, installation, alteration, materials, location, repair and removal of solar systems and accessories connected, attached or adjacent to a building or structure. The provisions of this section relate to solar energy systems and component requirements similar to those provided in the building code. Solar energy systems, whether active or passive, shall be designed to be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood and in compliance with the following requirements:
A. No active solar system shall be installed without first obtaining a building permit.
1. New Construction. Solar energy systems shall be incorporated as a building component of the roof of a structure or otherwise integrated into the roof so that the device forms a part of the roof itself. Placement above or away from roof line in "standoff" or "rack" mounting arrangements shall not be permitted.
2. Construction (Retrofit). Roof-mounted solar collectors located on the front or side roof exposures shall not extend above the roof ridge and no more than twenty-four inches perpendicular to the point on the roof where it is mounted. On the rear side of the roof, the device shall not extend above the ridge of the roof and shall not extend more than four feet perpendicular to the point on the roof where it is mounted.
B. All frames shall be rust-treated or of nonrusting materials.
C. No solar collectors shall be freestanding or mounted on the ground. (Ord. 1672 1, 1985; Ord. 1624 1(3-1103), 1984)