Buildings and Construction
Unsafe or Dangerous Structures; Intent; Definitions; Authority
15.28.010 Unsafe or Dangerous Structures; Intent; Definitions; Authority. The Governing Body has determined it is in the best interests of the health and welfare of the City to regulate and abate structures which are unfit for human use or habitation because of dilapidation, defects increasing the hazards of fire or accidents, structural defects or other conditions which render such structures unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise inimical to the general welfare of the city, or conditions which provide a general blight upon the neighborhood or surrounding properties. It is hereby deemed necessary by the Governing Body to require or cause the repair, closing or demolition or removal of such structures as provided in this Chapter. (K.S.A. 12-1751)
For purposes of this Chapter, the term “structure” shall include any
building, wall, superstructure or other structure which requires location on the ground, or is attached to something having a location on the ground.
(K.S.A. 12-1750).
The Public Officer is hereby authorized to exercise such powers as
may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Chapter, including the following:
A. Inspect any structure which appears to be unsafe, dangerous or unfit for human habitation;
B. Have authority to enter upon premises at reasonable hours for the purpose of making such inspections. Entry shall be made so as to cause the least possible inconvenience to any person in possession of the structure. If entry is denied, the Public Officer may seek an order for this purpose from a district court of competent jurisdiction;
C. Report all structures which he or she believes to be dangerous, unsafe or unfit for human habitation to the Governing Body;
D. Receive complaints as provided in this Chapter. (Ord. 2835, 2007)