Buildings and Construction
General regulations.
15.68.010 General regulations. Whereas the governing body of the city of Shawnee, Kansas, believes that the unregulated location of parabolic antennas would have a detrimental effect on the health, safety and aesthetic values of the community, no parabolic antenna may be erected, constructed, altered or maintained, except as provided herein.
A. "Parabolic antenna" is defined to include any satellite dish, and any circular, dish-shaped or similar shaped structures designed, used or intended to be used for transmitting or receiving communications or signals to or from a satellite or other communications source.
B. All parabolic antennas shall be grounded per National Electric Code (NEC) requirements at or near the antenna mount.
C. Agricultural and Residential Zoning Districts.
D. Commercial and Industrial zoning Districts. E. A parabolic antenna may be installed on a portable or moveable structure, such as a trailer, for demonstration or training purposes, but not as a regular or permanent installation on any lot. A portable antenna shall be limited to two consecutive days at any lot, and may not be located at the same lot more than twelve times per calendar year.
F. Maintenance Specifications. All parabolic antennae shall be properly maintained. Exposed surfaces, including the dish, brackets or any supporting members, shall be cleaned and painted if paint is required when more than fifty percent of the surface is scaled, peeling, etc. The codes enforcement officer shall have the right to order the repair or removal of any parabolic antenna that is damaged, deteriorated or is no longer in use.
G. Appeals or Variances. Appeals or variances relative to the regulations governing parabolic antenna may be taken before the city council.
H. Permits Required. All parabolic antenna shall re-quire a building permit. All applications for ground-mounted parabolic antenna shall pay a permit fee of twenty dollars. All applications for roof-mounted parabolic antenna shall pay a permit fee of fifty dollars. A plot plan drawn to scale and specifications such as property lines, setbacks, building location, utility easements, accessory structures, fences, trees, and proposed screening methods shall be submitted with the request for the permit. Any dealer may receive a permit to allow an antenna to be mounted on a portable or movable structure, such as a trailer, for demonstration or training purposes. The permit fee for a portable antenna shall be twenty dollars, and shall be renewed annually.
(Ord. 2701I 2004 ;Ord. 2188 1, 1995; Ord. 1842 1, 1987)