Buildings and Construction
Trash and refuse.
15.52.195 Trash and refuse. No property owner, occupant or other person shall throw, leave, deposit or allow the accumulation of any worn out, broken, or worthless item, waste, garbage, trash, tires, automobile parts, leaves, brush piles, tree limbs, mulch, debris, or refuse on any property, drainage course or other land, except as allowed by Chapter 8.16 of this code. Such substances include those that impede mowing of weeds or tall grass, are food products or food containers attracting insects, rodents or animals, or are useless as evidenced by their broken, deteriorated or dismantled condition. Trash and refuse as described above may be stored in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 8.16 of this code for a maximum period of one week. The storage or accumulation of trash and refuse in trailers, trucks or other vehicles is prohibited on residential and nonresidential property. (Ord. 2379 1(part), 1998)