Buildings and Construction
Roofing and guttering.
15.52.130 Roofing and guttering. A. The roof, eaves and soffit shall be structurally sound, tight and shall prevent the possibility of the entrance of rain, surface drainage water and animals into the structure. Any roof surface that is rotted, deteriorated, missing or torn shingles damaged or covered with moss will be repaired at the point(s) of leaks by materials that are compatible with the existing roof material. If the roof has deteriorated and has lost its water repellent characteristics, the affected area will be replaced with materials compatible with the unaffected portions of the roof.
B. Any guttering or downspouts that have been broken, rusted or damaged shall be repaired or replaced with materials that are compatible with the undamaged guttering and downspouts. Where guttering or downspouts have been previously painted and any surface contains areas of chipping, peeling, scaling or missing paint which is observable from the property line, roadway or adjacent properties, then such surface shall be repainted or stripped of all paint and given a water-resistant coating if necessary. (Ord. 2379 1(part), 1998)