Council Actions

The Shawnee City Council held its regular meeting on Monday, October 24, 2016. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. and the following actions were taken.

Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda was approved and included minutes from various meetings, land was accepted for public purposes for the Shawnee Crossing Retail Center located in the 6800 Block of Anderson Street, and an intergovernmental services agreement for recreational travel opportunities between Shawnee, Lenexa and Mission was approved. 10816 Shawnee Mission Parkway.

Public Items
A Special Event Permit was approved for the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center for the Dawali Festival of Lights Celebration on November 6, 2016 at 6330 Lackman Road. As part of this event, Swarner Park (63rd and Lackman) will be used for a fireworks display.

A Shawnee Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Agreement was approved for Continental Cast Stone. They are a locally owned and operated manufacturer of architectural cast stone for the commercial construction industry.

An Excise Tax Abatement Agreement was approved with Shawnee Holdings, LLC for the abatement of excise tax for 1.9 acres in the 6800 Block of Anderson for the purpose of developing an office/retail building.

Items from the Council Committee Meeting of October 10, 2016 Chaired by Councilmember Meyer
An Ordinance was passed extending the Excise Tax Abatement Program to March 19, 2018. The program will be reviewed in the Fall of 2017 to review potential alternatives impact fees to fund road improvements created by new development.

Two Ordinances were passed amending Title 9 and 10 of the Shawnee Municipal Code related to the Uniform Public Offense Code and traffic regulations. Public Offense revisions include the adoption of the 2016 Uniform Public Offense Code, the inclusion of language making the “Battery against a law enforcement officer” applicable to court personnel, reducing the maximum sentence for possession of marijuana to be consistent with state law, and clarifying language regarding Voyeurism. Traffic revisions include allowing a driver to show proof of insurance via an electronic device, removing a provision that allows the City to prosecute a third Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge (they will be prosecuted in Johnson County District Court), adding language that a Yield sign applies to both lanes of traffic in a roundabout, clarifying that if a driver’s windshield wipers are on then the headlights must also be on, and adding language requiring that a windshield cannot be blocked by any object.

An Ordinance was passed amending various sections of Chapter 5.08 of the Shawnee Municipal Code related to Alcohol licensing. Revisions include extending the hours of operation for on premises consumption for Cereal Malt Beverage Licensees, Drinking Establishments and Private Clubs. Revisions to Policy Statement, PS-56, City Licensing Fee Schedule, were also approved. Revisions include adding the $100 licensing fee for Mobile Restaurants (Food Trucks).

The Stormwater Management Program Implementation Plan was approved. The plan reduces backlogs of Citizen Service Requests, addresses an ever-growing list of pipe replacement and some emergency repairs, and completes the video inspection of the remaining stormwater system within 7 years. It also includes funding for two new positions in the Stormwater Management Division.

Staff Items
A contract was approved with Pyramid Contractors for the Connect Shawnee Project (P.N. 3412). This project includes three trail connections in various parts of the City. Two of the connections will provide direct access to the Clear Creek Trail from the Grey Oaks subdivision and the Woodland Park subdivision. The third location will connect the sidewalk on 66th Street to Gum Springs Park. The connections will provide safe, convenient, and cost-effective transportation options to schools and parks.

An Engineering Services Agreement with Olsson Associates for the Nieman Middle Storm Drainage Improvements Project (P.N. 3424) was approved. This project will address flooding in the area and includes the removal of two homes, two commercial buildings, installation of approximately 190 linear feet of concrete lined channel, five reinforced concrete boxes (2,750 linear feet) under Nieman Rd and channel improvements transitions.

Miscellaneous Council Items
Lastly, the semi-monthly claims for October 24, 2016 (city-wide expenses for the period) were approved. The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

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