Council Actions

The Shawnee City Council held its regular meeting on Monday, June 27, 2016. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. and the following actions were taken.

Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda was approved and included:
  • Minutes from various meetings;
  • Final change orders for the Johnson Drive and Woodland Road Intersection Improvement Project (P.N. 3399) and the K-7 Corridor Project at 75th Street and 43rd Street (P.N. 3369); and
  • An agreement with Shawnee Mission School District for School Resource Officers for the 2016-17 school year.

Mayor’s Items
Mayor Distler proclaimed the month of July as Parks and Recreation Month.

Augie Bogina and Steven Wise were reappointed to the Planning Commission. Mr. Bogina’s term expires on June 30, 2017 and Mr. Wise’s term expires on June 30, 2019. The Planning Commission hears requests for zoning changes and approves development plans for new business sites and subdivisions, making sure that the plan complies with City ordinances and the Comprehensive Plan.

Robert Prosser, Matt Zimmerman and Nate Baldwin were reappointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals with terms expiring on June 30, 2019. The Board of Zoning Appeals hears and determine appeals from the refusal of building permits and to permit exceptions to, or variations from, the zoning regulations.

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Public Items
The 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) was presented.

An Ordinance was passed and an addendum was approved granting the developer more time to complete the Prairie Pines Townhome Project.

Notices of Intent were approved for the City to accept funding from the Johnson County Stormwater Management Council (SMAC) for three new projects along the Nieman Road Corridor:
  • Nieman Road Corridor North: West of Flint to West of Barton Road Project (TC-21-074),
  • 6200 Block of Nieman Culverts Project (TC-21-070), and
  • Nieman Road Corridor Middle: East of Barton Road to East of Nieman Rd Project (TC-021-073)

An agreement with B.B.T. Zarda, LLC was approved related to the purchase of property in the Silverheel South Benefit District. The current owner of the property has been delinquent on taxes, including special assessments to pay for the construction of Silverheel. B.B.T. Zarda, LLC intends to purchase the property and pay all delinquent assessments totaling $937,000. In turn, the City will rebate $250,000 of this amount to balance their pro forma. This will allow the City to recoup $687,000 in delinquent special assessments.

Staff Items
A Cereal Malt Beverage License was approved for Mi Publeto to allow them to sell beer in unopened containers for consumption off-premises. The license runs through December 31, 2016. Mi Publeto is a new business located at 7425 Quivira Road in the Westbrooke Village Shopping Center.

Final plans were accepted for the Connect Shawnee Project (P.N. 3412). This project involves two trail connections to the Clear Creek Trail and a third connection to Gum Springs Park. The project is scheduled to be bid this summer with construction set to begin in September 2016.

Easements were accepted and a contract was awarded for the Nieman Road Corridor South Storm Drainage Improvements Project (P.N. 3400). Construction is expected to begin the first week in July 2016. The project is located between Shawnee Mission Parkway and just east of Nieman Road. It involves replacing an existing channel with a channel with vertical walls, as well as curb, gutter, and a piping collection system along the south side of W. 62nd Street between Ballentine Street and Rogers Road to prevent flooding caused by street run-off.

Easements were accepted and a contract was awarded for the 52nd Circle and 53rd Street, East of Nieman Road Storm Drainage Improvements Project (P.N. 3402). Construction is expected to begin in mid to late August 2016. The project involves installation of storm piping, sanitary sewer, and inlets and junction boxes.

A contract was awarded for the 2016 Chip Seal Project. Over 9.5 lane miles of streets will be chip sealed. When a road is chip sealed, a thin film of heated asphalt liquid is sprayed on the road surface, followed by small aggregates (or “chips”). The chips are compacted and smoothed then any excess chips are swept from the road.

A new Aerial Bucket was approved for the Public Works Department. The equipment will allow staff to complete work that the current lift truck cannot perform, such as work on roads with a greater than 5-degree incline or for street lights that are more than 30 feet tall.

An agreement between Shawnee, Overland Park and Olathe was approved that would allocate 2016 Local Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funds so the Shawnee Police Department can purchase a Thermo Scientific Refrigerator for evidence storage.

Miscellaneous Council Items
Lastly, the semi-monthly claims for June 27, 2016 (city-wide expenses for the period) were approved. The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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