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November 3, 2016
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Elaine CoppParks & Recreation Director Holman
Peter EhrlichDeputy Parks & Recreation Director Lecuru
Donna Sawyer
Jennifer Riggs
Rebecca Bailey (late)
Pam Cremer
Brian Bolen
Board Members Absent
Denise Shannon
Kevin Makalous
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order at 5:31 p.m.)


MS. COPP: I’d like to call the meeting to order this evening, Park and Recreation Advisory Board on Thursday, November 3rd. And we’ll have roll call.

MR. EHRLICH: Peter Ehrlich.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. COPP: Elaine Copp.

MR. BOLEN: Brian Bolen.

MS. RIGGS: Jennifer Riggs.

MS. CREMER: Pam Cremer.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


1. Approval of the October 13, 2016 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes

MS. COPP: On the items next will be Consent Items, B, Approval of the October 13, 2016 Park and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes. Any comments?

MS. SAWYER: I move for approval.

MS. COPP: Donna has moved for approval. Do I have a second?
MS. RIGGS: Second.

MS. COPP: Jennifer has seconded. Any other discussion? All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed. Thank you.

[Therefore, the motion was made by Board Member Sawyer and seconded by Board Member Riggs to approve the October 13, 2016 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes. The motion carried 6-0.]


1. PS-30, Rental Policy for Civic Centre and Shawnee Town Facilities

MS. COPP: C, Discussion Items. Number 1, PS-30, Rental Policy for Civic Centre and Shawnee Town Facilities.

MS. LECURU: All right. Thank you. Everyone should have a copy of the redline of the policy statement. There are not a lot of details on here that need to be updated, but I want to go through one by one just so you see what direction the staff is taking with this. Some of it is just housekeeping at this point. And then if you have any questions on any of the changes or any concerns on any of the changes just let me know and we can discuss it at this time. Once my presentation is over, I would like a motion from the board in support of it if that is such the case, so we can take it to Council. Right now it’s scheduled to go to Council on December 12th for approval. At that time we hope to also take PS-45, which is our pool fees, and we’ll be bringing those changes. Sean will be attending the meeting in December and he’ll bring those changes to you in December for discussion.

So, Policy Statement 30, which is Rental Policy for the Civic Centre and Shawnee Town Facilities, some of these changes and updates were just necessary due to the changes in RecTrac and the way that we manage that system and some cleanup on housekeeping. Under the Commercial Definitions, one of the issues that we’ve had in the past is what a commercial rental is, and just making sure that it’s clear to everyone and it’s self-explanatory. Based on the way that the current definition is written, if somebody has advanced ticket sales that puts them into a commercial rental. And one of the times that that becomes an issue is when a PTA or a group is trying to do a fundraiser, if they sell tickets, that throws them into the commercial rate based on that line item. And, of course, when people are doing fundraising the goal is to generate funds for their organization or their activity, and so we don’t want to make it, you know, more expensive for them do that, but we understand that we also need to manage the facility correctly. So, we feel like by removing advance ticket sales that would take out 99 percent of the times when that affects a PTA or a ball club or something like. So, they can still do their advance ticket sales. They can sell those outside of the organization, you know, ahead of time and then they just come in and it keeps them out of that commercial definition. So, that’s the reason for that change or the request for that change.

Under the actual policy, Room Rental Policy, this has been reviewed. The last time we did this was in ‘13, and so a lot of things have been updated and it’s pretty clean. But one of the things that we’ve discussed is for non-residents to rent the facility through a Shawnee resident, be it a friend, a family member, a member of an organization, something like that, we have allowed, the way the policy is written is that it has to be an immediate family member. So, mother, brother, father, you know, that kind of thing. But again, when it comes into organizations and things like that, you want to have something for your church group or you want to have something for an organization that you belong to as a Shawnee resident, but the organization is not in Shawnee, maybe it’s in Lenexa, as long as the person who is reserving the facility is a resident, we would like for them to be able -- as long as you take responsibility for the rental, we feel like that would be allowed. So, we’re asking that we remove the immediately family member designation or a requirement to this policy statement just to open it up.

Again, the purpose is to use the facility to its greatest extent and we want folks to come in. And as long as there is a Shawnee resident that’s taking responsibility for that rental they’re going to be there. We feel that that’s fine. We’re not going to go through and check people’s lineage and who is related to and how, it kind of gets awkward at this point. So, it would be best just to remove that.

Also, at one time when we did this last update, we did talk about a special event usage form. We no longer use that form. And based on the new way that we’re using RecTrac those questions will be answered without that. So, that’s no longer a requirement. So again, it’s just kind of the cleanup piece on that.

(Board Member Bailey arrived at the meeting)

Under C, the Civic Centre only, that reservations for ongoing rentals. This may be club organizations. This may be church groups that are having Bible study or Avon groups that are getting together for district meetings or something like that, some sort of ongoing meeting that wants to book multiple months in a row. We’ve allowed that up to this point after certain dates because that was when we were scheduling the brochure three times a year. Now, that we’re quarterly it shortens it just a little bit, and so these are the new dates that would be required. The purpose for this part of the policy is so that we have the opportunity as a recreation department to get our classes in the book first. And then once we book those programs and classes that we want to offer, then we open it up to those ongoing things. So, anyway, just a little housekeeping and cleanup on those.

Under E, we talked about the rental fee is due ten weeks in advance. That is only at the Civic Centre and this was just an omission in the policy statement before. Shawnee Town is actually 16 weeks. And you can see that under G where the schedule is actually there already, which shows the 16 weeks. It just wasn’t included in the verbiage, so we wanted to update that piece as well.

Then on page 4 of 7, Civic Centre Only. Again, this is our amplified music issue that we’ve had where we require people to rent the entire facility. That’s when the rental is actually in the gym space. We don’t have problems with a lot of amplified music in the meeting rooms or the theater. That’s a much smaller area. It’s more when they’re renting the gym space. And that’s due to the amplified music in the gym encroaching on the upstairs rentals and things like that. So again, just a clarification to the policy statement there.

Then the last changes are under the Equipment Rentals and the rates that we do. Some of the equipment we no longer use. Don’t have a lot of requests for VCRs anymore or things like that. So, I think we’ve taken that out of there. But then we also have some portable AV and some other things. Again, with the stage, specifying gym only because we don’t set the stage upstairs. So, just some details that we wanted to clean it up so it was clear to renters.

And then we now offer coffee service as an equipment rental at the Civic Centre. So, if you’re having a meeting at the facility and you’d like to have coffee available for your meeting, we can provide that. So, that’s in addition to a fee that we’ve added to it.

So, that basically covers all of the changes that we’ve requested for Policy Statement 30. Does anyone have any questions? Probably not the clearest I could have made it, but I tried.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Tonya. Do we have a motion that this be approved to go to Council?

MS. BAILEY: I move we approve.

MS. SAWYER: I’ll second that.

MS. COPP: Rebecca has moved and Donna has seconded. Is there any other discussion on the item? All those in favor, aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed? Okay. Thank you.

MS. LECURU: Thank you.

[Therefore, the motion was made by Board Member Bailey seconded by Board Member Sawyer to recommend for approval by the City Council updates to PS-30, Rental Policy for Civic Centre and Shawnee Town Facilities. The motion passed 7-0.]


MS. COPP: Okay. Next on the agenda is D, Member Reports. Anyone have anything? None.



MS. COPP: Okay. Next on the agenda is E, Staff Reports. Director’s Report.

MR. HOLMAN: Hello. Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director. I just wanted to give a little bit of update on some projects. Connect Shawnee, we’re finally after a year and half going to start on Connect Shawnee. Waiting for the -- we just have approval of the bids that were taken from KDOT and then we can start having meetings and start doing the three little trail connections, so that will be nice, one at Gum Springs and then the two out west off of Silverheel.

So, another project that we’re working on is -- I sent pictures. I gave everyone some pictures. So, this was -- the first one on top is the one that was the plan, the Strategic Plan that was developed and where the buildings are. And that one, it was approved by City Council. The next one is the four buildings. So, we are going through looking at historical architects. This is the one that Charles Goslin painted for us. And that one is -- this one probably won’t be built until 2022-2023. But we’re trying to put a packet together so I can take it to the board of the Deffenbaugh Foundation Board and present it to them and see if we could -- see if they would want to donate and be part of Shawnee Town again. You know, they did the Farmstead. So, this would just be an add-on and be in the town, so. So, it was very helpful what they did for us for the Farmstead. And it will be all be bricks and mortar. We will provide the dollars for utilities, architecture, stuff that you don’t see. So, everything that you see those dollars would -- just like what we did up the Farmstead, you know, if we were able to get that amount again that that would go for the buildings up there.

So, but we are this year, we are doing some site improvements. The creek will be filled in, piped and filled in. So, 2017, will be kind of a -- really not a low, but it will be where the architects, we will start designing. And so that will be the next buildings that -- so, 2018, the Chevy dealer, which will be on the east side if you go back to your map. So, the Friends group bought a -- just a real nice Chevy coupe. And so right now it’s in storage. So, we kind of flipped some buildings that we were -- we were going to build the gas station first. But now that we’ve got the coupe we want to get it out and let everyone look at it and see it because it’s pretty neat. And then after that in 2019, then will be the gas station. And so I’ve got a picture of that for you just to look at. I mean, and then 2019 will be Dr. Sullivan’s. And that’s the house on the very last one.

So, we’ll be busy. We just have one year that we’re kind of not building, but we’re doing a lot inside to get everything ready for 2018. And those dollars are there in the Liquor Fund. So, we can kind of proceed with doing those buildings and picking out an architect. So, we’ve got three of them. We’ve met with one. Two of them are coming next Monday. And just want to get to know them and then we’ll send out an RFQ. So, any questions?

MS. COPP: Neil, I have a question. This rendering that’s along the west side, which would be “I,” “J,” “K,” “L” and “M.”


MS. COPP: So, you’re saying --

MR. HOLMAN: Another that we’ll be doing is we will be -- I’ve got to meet with the Amos family, but on that side we will be taking down the old Amos building, the bank and the stage.

MS. COPP: Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: But we’ll leave the General Store for now.

MS. COPP: So, Sullivan’s is going to be up here, and then these will be the ones that will be coming out in 2020 then, that last phase?

MR. HOLMAN: No, I’m not --

MS. COPP: I thought you said this rendering wasn’t going to happen till like 2020?

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. So, we’ve got -- we’re going to do “D.” That’s going to be the first one.

MS. COPP: Right.

MR. HOLMAN: And then we’ll do “M.”

MS. COPP: That’ll be this one on the corner?


MS. COPP: Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: That’s the gas station --

MS. COPP: Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: -- slash fire station. And then “E” behind there, that’s Dr. Sullivan’s.

MS. COPP: Right.

MR. HOLMAN: And, yeah.

MS. COPP: But this rendering looks like this front glass looks like the Shawnee State Bank.

MR. HOLMAN: Well, the rendering -- right.

MS. COPP: Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: No, no, no. We’ve moved the -- yeah. This rendering was at the north end, but we’ve changed that.

MS. COPP: Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: This will now be on the west side like it shows.


MR. HOLMAN: “I” and -- “I,” “J,” “K,” “L.”

MS. COPP: Right. Okay.

MR. EHRLICH: Back up to the Deffenbaugh request.

MR. HOLMAN: Uh-huh.

MR. EHRLICH: Did you indicate it would be the same amount of money that they contributed previously?

MR. HOLMAN: Well, quite frankly, I’d like that to be more because this probably will be over -- right now we’re working on a budget. And so right now it’s probably around one, two -- one, three. So, I’d like to be able to get a little bit more money. So, that’s what the packet is going to have. It will have the rendering. It will have the liquor money that show that we are -- we can provide a match. It will have a pretty in-depth budget. And then it will have a letter asking for the dollars.

MR. EHRLICH: So, that would be over double the previous contribution, is that correct?

MR. HOLMAN: The last contribution was right at 500,000. So, we would probably, you know, we’ll see what they’re wanting to do. They asked us to submit, so we’re more than happy to submit.

MR. EHRLICH: Thank you.

MS. RIGGS: Is there any other money coming from like, I don’t know, Chevy? Have you asked Chevrolet if they wanted to donate? Or Dr. Sullivan’s house, is that coming Dr. Sullivan’s family?

MR. HOLMAN: Dr. Sullivan’s we are -- they are talking to the family and they do have some nice artifacts. They’ve got the actual -- the bag and some of the stuff that -- so, we have been talking to them.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: [Inaudible; talking off mic.]

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. I don’t know if we have talked to them.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: [Inaudible; talking off mic.]

MS. COPP: Are there any other questions?

MR. HOLMAN: But that’s a good question [inaudible]. Well, I guess we could go up to --


MR. HOLMAN: The coupe is ‘29.


MR. HOLMAN: Uh-huh.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: [Inaudible; talking off mic]

MR. HOLMAN: Well, it’s all redone. I mean, it’s cherry. It’s nice.

MS. COPP: Any other questions? Thank you, Neil.


MS. COPP: Number 2, Parks Report.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. I’m going to do that. Ramie is okay. He got in an accident last night. Someone ran into the back of him and it totaled his truck. He was at the hospital for four hours last night. So, he’s really stiff and sore and kind of -- but -- so no. But he’s fine. He came in today to get some stuff and try to figure out how he’s going to get around without a truck, without a car now. As I was reading the minutes, Sean did a very thorough nice job. We’re still fulfilling that list. So, I’ll make it short this time. We’re still working off that list he presented last month. So, any more questions on --

MS. COPP: I had commended him on what nice job he had done last month.

MR. HOLMAN: He did. I’m just teasing with him.

MS. COPP: And I guess he’s had classes in speech or something, but he did an excellent job. He would have done better than I would have ever done.

MR. HOLMAN: Very nice young man. Doing very well in his new position. So, it’s good.

MS. COPP: So, Ramie was not driving a City truck when this happened?


MS. COPP: Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: He was going to pick up his girls.

MS. COPP: Oh, wow.

MR. HOLMAN: So, thank goodness that he got hit going to get the girls -- the guy was going like 60-65 miles an hour on that highway and hit him, but he’s fine. Thank goodness. And I’m just glad the girls weren’t with him.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number three, Shawnee Town Report. Do we have anyone to report on that?

MR. HOLMAN: Again, Charlie and I are working on that, working on the -- once we have a better little presentation, the West Flanders poppy fields is starting to come out kind of neat. So, we’ll hopefully talk about that next time, next meeting. And then he’s been very busy with the museum conference. He’s been down at the World War II museum all day doing a workshop. He presented at a workshop today. But he’s got -- I don’t know how many people come to this conference, but this is one of their off-site deals for tonight. So, hopefully everybody can come.

MS. COPP: Okay. Any questions on any of it? Donna.

MS. SAWYER: I just had a comment that the Historical Hauntings was a great event. The Shawnee Town staff did a great job and it was a lot of fun. Beautiful night.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. Forty-two. Forty-two hundred.

MS. SAWYER: Forty-two hundred.

MR. HOLMAN: So, yeah. So, when they say 5,000 pieces of candy we mean 5,000 pieces of candy.

MS. SAWYER: No kidding.

MR. HOLMAN: And I think the clicker -- he said the clicker kind of screwed up, so it was -- they thought they missed, you know, roughly about 300, so it could have been 4,500 easy.


MR. HOLMAN: The line was --

MS. SAWYER: The line from the south was clear out past Flint Street. I mean, people waiting to get in.

MR. HOLMAN: Great event.

MS. SAWYER: And it was just -- yeah. It was a lot of fun.

MS. COPP: Good. The weather always helps, too, when there’s good weather.

MS. SAWYER: Yeah. Good weather helps.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. Very nice weather.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number four, Aquatics Center and Recreation Report. Do we have anybody?

MS. LECURU: Just me.

MS. COPP: Tonya. Okay. Just you.

MS. LECURU: Okay. So, to give you an update. Website redesign. The City of Shawnee is going through a website redesign so you will probably be involved a little further down the process. You’ll be given some opportunities to give some feedback to that. But at this point the RFQs were out. We received I believe eight or nine different proposals, so the committee is reviewing each of those, going through scoring those and we hope to interview the top three companies to work with. And that will be done here within the next six to eight weeks with those interview processes and things like that. Charlie, Royal from Shawnee Town and myself are all on that committee. So, we’re all in the process of reviewing technical documents.

RecTrac 3.1, we’re still working on our migration. The first phase of it went excellent. Everyone is really excited about the way it’s working. We’re working just bugs and how we want things to work exactly, learning a little bit more about the system, so we’re getting all of the benefits out of it. Our trainer Ross will be back the week after Thanksgiving for three days to work with our website for the transition for our WebTrac. So, from November 24th through November 30th WebTrac will not be active online, so there will be no online registrations during that time. We have to change a number of things with the actual website and the certificates and things like that.

The new brochure will come out on December 1st. So, our goal is to have that go live on December 1st just like we do with the new WebTrac server.

We’re also working with Johnson County Parks and Recreation on the RFQ for Mid-America Sport Complex. That RFQ is out at this point. And we’ll have more information about that at the next meeting.

And Consolidated Communications, I met with them today along with Kevin Fern with Visit Shawnee, about some opportunities for us to work with them as sponsors as well as volunteer opportunities that they can bring folks to. It was really good productive meeting. They’ve got some new people involved with ways to -- different teams that will be involved as well as Julie Reinhardt which we’ve worked with for a number of years. So, I see a lot of positive opportunities with this. And also using their, I call it their insomnia channel where, you know, it just shows slides, it goes through -- so we can get some more opportunities to get information out just for -- as things come up.

So, and then also December, next month already, wow, we normally have a reception after our meeting is concluded. So, I would like to know if you would like to do that again this year, or if everyone has other plans and they can’t stay, but if you choose to, please let me know and we’ll make arrangements for that. We would have it here in this room again.

Aquatics, moving to Aquatics Report. We’re getting ready for a rehire of our staff. So, in December we will have a rehire meeting with our aquatics staff. Hope to get about 50 to 60 of those folks rehired again by December. We’ll start interviewing in January. But we are opening up positions in December this year where we normally wait till after the first of the year, but we are opening those up sooner. So, if you know anyone who is 15 or older that would like to work at the pools have them start looking around December 1st for those opportunities. We have positions available for concession, front desk, lifeguard, swim instructor, management and coaching staff.

And new in the budget in this year, you know, every three or four years we try to add something new. Sean mentioned it last month, is that new climbing wall that will be in our deep end. So, we’re working on pricing and design of that right now so we can go out for bid right after the first of the year. So, we’re looking forward to getting that piece going. We’re rehiring, but we’re winterizing the pools for the season so we can un-winterize them, you know, in a couple months. But that’s what we’re working on right now.

New program ideas for 2017. Sean brought a lot of new activities to the pool this year and it was busy from sun up to sun down. So, anxious to see what kind of new things are coming out of that. And we’re working on scheduling the new spring classes for lifeguards. This is a year that Red Cross has went through and updated their system or their training program, which they do about every five years. So, this will be a new training year, new materials and things like that. I understand that the new system is interactive and more of a game format for the online portion for lifeguards to learn. Again, working with those millennials and those Gen X’ers and Gen Z’s. Not, Gen X, sorry Gen Z’s. Just learned about that today, too. Obviously trying to find more interactive ways with training and retention of information. So, that is what is going on with aquatics. And again next month, Sean will be here with updates to that policy statement for fees.

The Civic Centre Craft Fair went really well. We had almost 1,800 people come through this year, 200 or so more than we’ve had in the past, which last year was one of our record years as well. So, we are seeing continued expansion of that. Lack of parking was our issue this year, which was not a bad thing. So, a rush of shoppers right at nine o’clock. Everybody was ready to be there. Jennifer and Pam, Pam Oswald who is our Civic Centre daytime supervisor met with Maple Hill Funeral Home and Amos Funeral Home talking about using the Civic Centre for funeral lunches and opportunities for that. And so went and gave them information about how to do that because we last year specifically have had an increase in people looking for space for those type of lunches and stuff like that, which has been really, really nice. So, they went and talked to them directly just to answer any questions and to give them information for future use and stuff.

We’re working with the Fire Department on updating codes and fire issues at the Civic Centre. That’s working well. And then working on the 2017 information for RecTrac.

So, that also we’d like, you know, the Civic Centre has been around for a long time, but we have something that’s been around almost as long as it has. Our Civic Centre supervisor Orlando is going to be celebrating his 80th birthday on November 7th. And he was here -- we call him the brick and mortar because he was one of our first hires after the building was built and he’s still kicking it. And still learning RecTrac and doing all kinds of fun things. So, he’s great. So, she wanted to put a shout out to Orlando.

And Kate is working on the winter brochure. As I said, this will be -- this -- we’ve had our four brochures in 2016. It’s worked really well. I think it’s helped with being more timely with the information. And registrations have been, for new programs and stuff, more active and stuff. So, she’s working on finishing that up. Again, it will go live on December 1st for programs January through March.

We do have a Nutcracker Ballet trip, kind of a mommy and me type program that we’re taking December 22nd, and we have I think four or five spots left. It’s a trip and dinner and the tickets, they’re really nice tickets. And so if anyone is interested in the information let me know.

The Spookfest this year was actually on Halloween. We had 86 toddlers and their parents there with all kinds of fun things.

Tonight if you go by the Civic Centre it smells really super good. Smoke on Wheels is teaching their class the Ultimate Turkey. And then in December he’s teaching prime rib and lamb. Both of these programs, it just smells incredible. But he has been on TV 5 I believe twice now to talk about the classes and programs.

Julie, our PIO with the City, has done a phenomenal job of really helping us get opportunities to speak. And I don’t know if you guys follow, hopefully you all follow the City of Shawnee on Facebook and Twitter and all those things, you should see as many times we’re on the news just as much as the Royals. Not quite, but anyway. So, she’s doing a job, and so those opportunities to be on these morning shows have really worked out for us as well.

Again, the Lenexa, Mission and Shawnee travel program for 2017, they’re finalizing that. We had Council approval at our last Council meeting for that. So again, it was extremely successful. I think right now we’ve generated about $12,000 in revenue and we’ve been able to offer programs for residents that if we had done it just as ourselves trying to offer these programs we wouldn’t have had enough interest, and Lenexa wouldn’t have had, and Mission wouldn’t have had. So, we’re able to offer this as a cooperative group and it’s been successful for everybody.

And we’ve got some Winter Break classes on Mad Science and videogame design if interested in more information about those it’s coming up. That’s it.

MS. COPP: Are there any questions?

MR. EHRLICH: Is that all?

MS. COPP: Is that all?

MS. LECURU: I know. You hear me a lot. I’m sorry.

MS. COPP: Do we have any other questions on the board? Donna says that our next meeting is December 1st. And so again, if -- do we need to vote on whether we want to do the little reception afterwards, just let you know?




MS. COPP: Okay. Do I have a motion that we adjourn? Brian?

MR. BOLEN: So moved.

MS. COPP: Second?

MR. EHRLICH: I second.

MS. COPP: Peter seconded. Any questions? All those in favor?


MS. COPP: Opposed? Meeting adjourned. Thank you.

[Therefore, the motion was made by Board Member Bolen and seconded by Board Member Ehrlich to adjourn. The motion passes 7-0.]
(Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Adjourned at 6:02 p.m.)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das November 25, 2016

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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