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September 1, 2016
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Elaine CoppParks & Recreation Director Holman
Denise ShannonDeputy Parks & Recreation Director Lecuru
Donna SawyerManager Parks and Facilities DeGraeve
Jennifer Riggs
Rebecca Bailey
Pam Cremer

Board Members Absent
Peter Ehrlich
Shelly Fabac
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order at 5:31 p.m.)


MS. COPP: Okay. I’d like to call the Park and Recreation Advisory Board to order, Thursday, September 1st. Could we have a roll call, please?

MS. SHANNON: Denise Shannon.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. COPP: Elaine Copp.

MS. BAILEY: Rebecca Bailey.

MS. RIGGS: Jennifer Riggs.

MS. CREMER: Pam Cremer.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


1. Approval of the August 4, 2016 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes

MS. COPP: Consent Items. Number 1, Approval of the August 4th Park and Rec Advisory Board Draft Minutes.

MS. SAWYER: I move for approval.

MS. BAILEY: Second.

MS. COPP: Donna has moved, Rebecca has seconded. Any questions? All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed? Thank you.

[Therefore, Ms. Sawyer moved and Ms. Bailey seconded to approve the August 4, 2106 Park and Rec Advisory Board Draft Minutes. The motion passed 6-0.]



MS. COPP: Okay. C, Discussion Items. Number 1, Clear Creek Parkway Benefit District.

MR. HOLMAN: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director. So, this was one of the projects that we talked about last month. This is the benefit district for Clear Creek Parkway from K-7 to Clare. And this is kind of a neat little -- do you show them the map or -- yeah. And this is on the website, City of Shawnee website. So, you go down and it’s New Projects. And you see the red line where the Clear Creek with the roundabout? I think Tonya is going to -- yeah. Right there. And then it goes to the bridge, goes over to K-7. So, that’s what this little -- kind of this video is going to do for us. It’s kind of fun. We’ve been playing with these more often. So, we’re coming right off the bridge. We’re going west. So, on the right-hand side that’s where all the homes are going to be, homes and townhomes. So, there’s going to be like 400 and some homes. On the left side that’s where the golf course is. So, they’ve kind of designed this, this is what’s kind of fun about this. They’ve designed it and landscaped it. Now we’re coming up on the roundabout. Yeah. So, slow down so it’s just -- yeah. So, the landscaping, yes. So, they’ve got that in there. So, we’re going to take a loop around the whole roundabout. This road right here is Gleason that will take you south. And then it will come back around. Then here we go onto Clare. So, there will be a ten-foot path, multi-use trail on the south side that will go all the way from Clare and then it will hook right underneath the bridge where we’ve kind of dead-ended it at K-7. So, that will come right up. We’ve got the property from KDOT to come straight up north and then it will hook right onto this. And the trail will be on the south side, on your left side. Then as you go up you’ll see the little -- there’s a little island I think goes into Clare Road. But anyway, I thought it was kind of fun.

Also on the website if you go there the Nieman Corridor study is on there. That’s the Nieman, the five projects and now we’ve got the recreational trail that will be on the east side going up. So, that’s what we talked about last month as well on that one.

Any questions?

MS. COPP: Thank you, Neil.


MS. COPP: Okay. We’ll go to D, Member Reports. Do we have anything from the members?

MS. BAILEY: I’d like to say something. This is Rebecca. And it’s not really a report, more than just kudos to Neil and Tonya and everything they do. We’ve had a director who moved here from North Carolina. He bought a home out in west -- just off of K-7 and Prairie Star Parkway and has been riding the trails on his bike and has made a lot of comments in the office about how happy he has been to have those and had no idea and didn’t expect anything like that in Kansas. So, he’s very impressed.

MR. HOLMAN: What type of person?

MS. BAILEY: He’s the Director of Revenue Cycle for the hospital. Well, for the physicians’ side with us.

MR. HOLMAN: Awesome.

MS. COPP: Any other? Well, that’s good to hear. He may be a good candidate for a Park Board member.



MS. COPP: Okay. Now, we’ll go to E, Staff Reports. Number 1, Director’s Report.

MR. HOLMAN: Policy Statement 49 - Cemeteries Well, we need approval on this. It’s on the second page. It’s a payment plan. We have had -- it’s in red. We have had requests to have a payment plan to not last more than a year. You have to pay half up front and then it would be monthly installments just for the grave site. Now, the opening and closing is all paid up front. There is no pay plan for the opening and closing. So, this is only for the grave and the niche so they can -- either one they pay up and then they can be in a payment plan. We have tried two of them since we’ve had the request. We’ve done two of them and they’ve worked out very well. The bills will come out of Finance. I’ve gotten with them just like how we do our soccer contract. It’s quarterly. These would be monthly payments, invoices if you will. And so that’s -- but we just need a motion --

MS. COPP: Oh, I just had a question first. How many sites are there available?

MR. HOLMAN: There’s quite a few.

MS. COPP: Like hundreds?

MR. HOLMAN: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

MS. COPP: Oh, really. Okay. I’m sorry, Donna.

MS. SAWYER: That’s okay. I was just going to move for approval of the changes to PS-49.

MS. BAILEY: Second.

MS. COPP: Donna has moved, Rebecca has seconded. Any other discussion on that? All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Nay. Okay.

[Therefore, Ms. Sawyer moved and Ms. Bailey seconded to approve changes to PS-49. The motion passed 6-0.]

MR. HOLMAN: Thank you.

MS. COPP: That’s all you had on your Director’s Report then?



MS. COPP: Okay. Two, Parks Report. Ramie.

MR. DeGRAEVE: Good evening. Ramie DeGraeve, Manager of Parks and Facilities. Well, we’re getting into our summer wind-down, getting into my favorite time of year. So, had a lot of things going on, a lot of different areas. We are still hopeful to get someone hired before the next Park Board meeting. We put it back out for advertisement. I talked the last time I was here in July about the process getting started. So, didn’t have a big pool to choose from, so went ahead and kept it open for another two weeks and we’ve got four really good candidates we’re going to bring in and interview. So, we should definitely have somebody in-house and back up to full speed by the next Park Board meeting.

Our seasonals have all gone back to school, so running a little tight right now, but the guys are getting it knocked out.

Staff helped with Tour de Shawnee last weekend.

We are mowing all of our native areas currently kind of getting ready for fall. In doing that we’ve had a lot of issues with noxious weeds this year, especially Johnson grass, so we’ve been going around trying to get everything sprayed and under control and get it killed out going into winter and then going and mowing and cleaning it up. Done some extensive mowing along the trails, especially kind of widening things out. I think we’re going to take a little deeper stance next year, have a deeper corridor I guess than what we’ve usually had since the Clear Creek trails have opened. In some places it’ll be two or three times wider than it as before. So, give it a cleaner look and be able to keep the weeds under control better.

Had Challenger Cup. The guys put a ton of time in with that. All the sports field guys working at Swarner filling holes, getting ready. So, now they’re gearing up for regular soccer season.

A little bit of flooding. I think we’ve had close to ten inches in the last two days roughly -- or two days -- ten days. So, I gave up after we hit about the eight or nine-inch mark. But we had -- really our worst one was just yesterday which is kind of surprising because of all the rain we had before then had a pretty good log jam on Clear Creek, so the guys are working to clean that up.

Had the Bike Rodeo the day before the Tour de Shawnee. Staff helped with that.

Coming up, Craft Fair, Barbeque. Guys are already looking forward to that and starting to put things together to get those events going.

Made a big push on some of our work orders. We’d racked up a pretty good amount of work orders on facilities and different things at Shawnee Town. So, we spent quite a bit of time here recently trying to get some of those knocked out, doing some building maintenance stuff.

The big one, the pool is closing. I talked to Jeff this morning. I think Splash Cove will be ready to start actually draining tomorrow it sounds like potentially. He wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but thought it would be close. So, we’ll get it drained and start taking all the umbrellas down and getting ready for winter. And then Soetaert Aquatic Center will be coming next, so probably -- it’ll close Monday, so probably ten days after that we’ll start making sure we get it all put to bed.

Erfurt. Still working at Erfurt. Nature Play, we’re hoping to have some sod laid by the next Park Board meeting. With the big hot stint we’ve just been holding off trying to get it sodded and hemmed in because there’s just no way it would survive out in the open like that. So, we should have Erfurt that much closer to being tightened up. Have spent some time out there in the native areas fixing some erosion and different things and doing some seeding.

And then really in all the parks and all the sports fields we’ll start making a big push to start seeding next week weather permitting. So, it’s that time of year trying to get all of our seed in the ground and get all that stuff going.

Some of you may have noticed we cut down about 12 trees at the Civic Centre. They were all Ashes. About 98 percent of them had Emerald Ash Borer, so had to go ahead and cut them down. And we’re going to move forward with some new trees coming up there hopefully shortly. So again kind of waiting for the heat to taper off before we start that.

Lastly, really just a lot of tree work in general I think due to the kind of the wet spring, the hot dry summer and then kind of transitioning back to wet. We’ve had quite a bit of tree issues. We’ve had Mars working quite a bit with us in two or three of the parks taking out some hazardous trees, fixing storm damage, things like that, so. But all in all that’s about it.

MS. COPP: I had two comments. What do you do with the cut down Ash trees? Do you burn them or --

MR. DeGRAEVE: Mars disposes of them. They take them to a site and they grind them up and bury them because they do have ash borer.
MS. COPP: They do bury them?

MR. DeGRAEVE: They’re supposed to. They take them to the site, yeah. Because they’ve got Emerald Ash Borer, they can’t reuse it for mulch or anything like that.

MS. COPP: Right. Okay. And did you bring two guests with you today?

MR. DeGRAEVE: I did. My daughters Brooke and Carly.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Ramie. Any other questions for him?

MR. DEGRAEVE: Thank you.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number 3 on the report, Shawnee Town report. Tonya.

MS. LECURU: All right. Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks and Recreation Director. And you’re going to get tired from hearing from me because I’m giving the rest of the reports tonight.

Charlie is with his mom today. She started radiation and so him and his brother and sister are taking turns sitting with her during her treatment and so he is not with us tonight, but sends a short report.

Very excited to report that the Strategic Plan that he’s worked on for the next ten years was approved unanimously by City Council a couple of weeks ago, so was very thankful that that happened. Everyone has been celebrating and thanks for the help of the Park Board, too, to help us vet that and get that through.

And then also wanted to report that the Craft Fair, the Friends of Shawnee Town Craft Fair is sold out, so they have no booth space remaining. But one of the things that Maureen Kronawitter, which is our volunteer coordinator down at Shawnee Town, asked if I would report, if anyone would be interested in helping volunteer at the Craft Fair, they’re looking for folks to help man the gates and the raffle area. The Craft Fair is a free event with a suggested donation at the gate of $1 I think. And so that is a major fundraiser for the Friends of Shawnee Town. And so it does take folks to sit there at the gates to collect that dollar. And then also as another part of that fundraiser is they have a raffle area where the different vendors will donate a product or an item from their booth and put it on the stage and then folks can buy raffle tickets to win those items. And so they go through and buy so many tickets and they put it in there. So, they need help volunteering at that location, too. So, basically anytime between 12:30 and 4:30, those two different areas. And if anyone is interested and able to help on that day, which is September 17th. If anyone is available to help, please contact Maureen down at Shawnee Town and you can reach her at 248-2360. So, that is the Shawnee Town report.


Aquatics. I’m just going to keep on rolling. As Ramie mentioned earlier the pool does close on Monday, September 5th. And we’re not counting hours or minutes or seconds or anything yet. We’ve had a very cool end to the season. So, one of the things that Sean will be bringing to the Park Board this fall, as we do many years is we’ll bring the policy statement back to you to discuss fees and operations and things like that. One of the things that we’re going to do some study on this fall and be bringing it to the Park Board is discussing school hours, which is once the kids go back to school in the fall, we go to what we call school hours which is 5 to 8 Monday through Friday and then it’s regular hours on the weekends. And one of the things we want to talk about is, is that the right thing to do. We go to one pool when the kids go back to school. So, Splash Cove has been closed for a couple of weeks now. We still have Soetaert open. We have this last week, we’ve had anywhere from 20 people to 35 people attend the pool in the evenings during the school week. And there is probably more staff there than there is people. Again, it’s a service to our community, so that’s a discussion we need to have. But then also it’s difficult to get staff during the week with -- because we’ve got great kids. We’ve got great staff. So, they’re cheerleaders, they’re football players, they’re doing all these other things, so we do compete with their after school practices and study and stuff like that. So anyway, that’s something that we hope that -- to get some feedback from you all this fall. That will be coming -- but it has been a really great pool season this year. If we don’t open for the rest season we’re ten percent ahead of last year’s numbers already. So, that’s really good. So, Sean actually will be attending the meeting in October so you can hear from somebody other than me and he’ll talk about those pool hours or the pool results for this year and talk to you a little bit about that. So, that’ll be in the October meeting.

And then as we said the Tour de Shawnee was this last Sunday. Thank you to everyone that volunteered, Denise and Donna and Rebecca, and Pam even stopped by. And Peter worked at the food area the whole day. Greatly appreciated all that. Plus we had 21 volunteers from Mill Valley’s community service group, and another one from Shawnee Mission Northwest who was working on some National Honor Society hours. So, that went really, really well. So, that was Sean’s report.

Recreation, the report, and I should have brought them tonight, sorry. We just got the Fall Brochure. Now, this is our first fall Fall Brochure that we’ve had. It’s the fourth edition quarterly brochure. You should have that in the mail anytime. So, if you can keep an eye for that and let me know when you receive it in the mail that’s great. But it did drop today. We received the extra copies at the Civic Centre.

We are going to be offering some school’s out programming. So, whenever the classes or schools are out for parent-teacher conference days or different days we’ve worked with Mad Science to offer some new programs on those dates, so keep an eye out for those. Those are marked in there as well.

And then we are also doing some fun cooking classes for adults. They’re barbeque classes with Smoke on Wheels. And so we have one that is a Twisted Tailgate. And it’s a BYOB for 21 and older, a great cooking class. And then the Ultimate Turkey, Prime Rib and Lamb class. So, something new that we’re trying. Our adult cooking classes seem to go really well with this. And so some new things that she’s got.

And our new skateboarding class will be at Swarner Park for kids ages 3 to 12. But if you want to come watch it’ll be great fun, too. So, that’s in the brochure, keep an eye for it.

Civic Centre. I’m sorry I didn’t bring a picture. We have a new addition our staff. Miles Daniel was born two weeks ago on Friday. He’s doing great. He stopped by the Civic Centre to check out, you know, make sure mom’s space was okay. But mom and baby and family are all doing great. And she will be back October 10th, not a second too soon. But anyway, they’re all doing great and we get pictures throughout the week on how he’s doing and stuff.

We opened up the fall court rentals which we talked about last month, that half court rental. We do have a few spots left, so some early time slots. And we also talked about -- right now those times are from 6 to 7 and 7 to 8, or 8 to 9, 9 to 10, depending upon the day of the week, either Tuesday or Thursday. And we’ve decided to open up 5 to 6 for younger teams if there’s any interest in that. So, it’s $18 for a half court rental. We’ve got two facility rental days open in the gym for the rest of the year and then that’s it. And we have, as Ramie has talked about all the rain and all the things we’ve doing there, we have been mopping a lot in the gym space. So, our roof is leaking. So, we are working diligently to find -- it’s been patched twice this week and still find new locations for it to come in. So, we’re working on that as well.

And then the only other thing, migration, I think I’ve talked a little bit about RecTrac. Our migration is scheduled for the week of October 10th. We’re working with IT and Finance, had a really good meeting today to move forward with that, so there will be some new changes coming up. Some growing pains I’m sure. But I think overall we’re building it from the ground up so it’s really fresh, it’s clean. It’s doing what we need it to do, so we’re looking forward to that.

And barbeque is this month. Yea. Barbeque is September 23rd and 24th. All of our teams are full. The map will be published next Tuesday. All the spots have, like I said, have been filled. Our judges are all full. The wings competition is full. The only thing that’s not full is sponsors. We have very limited replies to our sponsorship request this year which is a first. And so if anyone knows of a business that would like to be involved some way, it’s a great, great event. We would love to visit with them. Kevin Fern is helping with our sponsorship committee. You can speak with Kevin or myself and we would be glad to put together a package just for you. We do have Hy-Vee. We’re very pleased Hy-Vee will be joining us again, and Weaver’s Automotive, and McAnany Construction. So, those three have been confirmed and they will be coming back. New this year though on Friday night, in addition to our band, and our beer tent sponsored by the Irish-American Club, thank you, will be food trucks. So, we have four food trucks that we’re working with and we hope to have a challenge between them to help us with our scholarship fund. So, something new, a little bit different to see if we can bring more general public in to the event on Friday night as a way to expand it to the community and not necessarily just the teams that compete.

And at our next meeting, which is in October, we need to discuss if you all would be willing to change that date. We always meet the first Thursday of the month. And unfortunately, or fortunately, Neil and I will be in St. Louis at the National Recreation Park Association conference that week. And so we’d like to see if you’re available to meet on the 13th of October, which is the second Thursday. It’s the only Thursday in the month of October that this facility, this room is available. All the other ones have meetings scheduled for it. So, if that’s a possibility, if you guys could make a decision and vote on that this evening that would be super.
And at that time we will be introducing two new park board members that will be joining us. They’re both in the audience today. We have Brian Bolen who is going to be our member at-large, the Mayor’s appointment. And Kevin Makalous from Ward IV. So, they will both be appointed at the September 12th Council meeting which is next week, no two weeks. September 12th they will be appointed at the September 12th meeting and then they will be joining us in October. Any questions?

MS. COPP: I had seen them in the audience and I was going to say, well, maybe we’ve got an issue or something. I was going to ask for comments from the floor. But they’re familiar faces to the Park Board meetings, so. Okay. Tonya did bring up the change of the next meeting. Do we have any discussion changing it from whatever that first Thursday was to the 13th? That’s going to be the second Thursday of the month.

MS. SAWYER: It works for me.

MS. COPP: Denise?

MS. SHANNON: That’s fine with me.

MS. COPP: Okay. How about you, Rebecca?

MS. BAILEY: I think so.

MS. COPP: Okay. Jennifer?

MS. RIGGS: That’s fine for me.

MS. COPP: Pam?

MS. CREMER: Fine for me.

MS. COPP: Okay. Do we have to have a motion?


MS. COPP: Is there a motion that we change the meeting to October 13th?

MS. SAWYER: So moved.

MS. BAILEY: Second.

MS. COPP: Okay. All those in favor. Any other questions on that? All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed. Okay. We’ll have it on the 13th. And you’ll notify the others?


[Therefore, Ms. Sawyer moved and Ms. Bailey seconded to move the October Parks and Recreation Board meeting to October 13, 2016. The motion passed 6-0.]

MS. COPP: Donna, I’m sorry.

MS. SAWYER: I did have one question for Tonya.

MS. COPP: Okay.

MS. SAWYER: Are we doing Neighborwood this year?

MS. LECURU: We are not doing Neighborwood this year.

MS. SAWYER: Okay. That’s what I thought. And I didn’t have it on my calendar and I just wanted to make sure that I hadn’t been napping or whatever.

MS. LECURU: Thank you for asking.

MS. COPP: Okay. Any other discussion? Anything from the board or from the floor? Welcome to new members. Welcome young Ramie family.


MS. COPP: Do I have a motion for adjournment?

MS. BAILEY: I move we adjourn.

MS. COPP: Rebecca. Any second?

MS. SHANNON: I’ll second it.

MS. COPP: Denise seconds. Any other questions? All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Meeting adjourned.

[Therefore, Ms. Bailey moved and Ms. Shannon seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed 6-0.]

(Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Adjourned at 5:57 p.m.)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das September 13, 2016

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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