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August 4, 2016
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Peter EhrlichParks & Recreation Director Holman
Denise ShannonDeputy Parks & Recreation Director Lecuru
Donna SawyerShawnee Town 1929 Director Pautler
Jennifer Riggs
Rebecca Bailey

Board Members Absent
Elaine Copp
Pam Cremer
Shelly Fabac
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order)


MS. SAWYER: Okay. We’ll call the August 4, 2016 Parks and Rec Advisory Board Meeting to order. This is Donna Sawyer and I am chairing tonight because our chair and vice chair are not here. So could we start with roll call please?

MR. EHRLICH: Sure, Peter Ehrlich.

MS. SHANNON: Denise Shannon.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. BAILEY: Rebecca Bailey.

MS. RIGGS: Jennifer Riggs.


1. Approval of the July 8, 2016 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes

MS. SAWYER: And first on the agenda is Consent Items, Approval of the July 8th minutes. Any corrections? Rebecca?

MS. BAILEY: I don’t have a correction, I was going to move to approve if there are no corrections.


MS. SHANNON: I’ll second that.

MS. SAWYER: Okay. It’s been moved and seconded. All in favor?


MS. COPP: Opposed? Okay.

[Therefore, Ms. Bailey moved and Ms. Shannon seconded to approve the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes of July 8, 2016. The motion passed 5-0.]


MS. SAWYER: Okay. Discussion Items. Tour de Shawnee.

MS. LECURU: Tour de Shawnee is at the end of the month. [Inaudible; talking off mic.]

Recap: Ms. Lecuru provided the information for the Tour de Shawnee held August 28th, 2016. She provided route information of the three tours, 5-mile, 12-mile, and the 27-mile. Further information can be found at www.recreateshawnee.org or by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department at (913) 631-5200.

Ms. Lecuru asked for volunteer help.

MS. BAILEY: I texted you the other day that I would.

MS. LECURU: Yes. Okay. And what did you want to do?

MS. BAILEY: I’ll do registration.

MS. RIGGS: Can you ride and volunteer?


MS. RIGGS: You can do both?

MS. LECURU: Rebecca does – help with registration and then rides with her family.

MS. RIGGS: I can probably [inaudible; talking off mic]

(Ms. Lecuru provided information regarding check-in and race times.)

MS. RIGGS: So, registration is 6:30?



MS. LECURU: Questions about the tour?


MS. SAWYER: Member reports. Any board members have anything to report?



MS. SAWYER: Okay we’ll move on to Staff Reports. Director’s report, Mr. Holman.

MR. HOLMAN: I gave a bunch of handouts to everybody. Got a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly I thought today.

So, we’ll start off with the good. The first one is the four Turkey Creek projects that is right down -- so, this right here is Shawnee Mission Parkway. Right here, this road is Shawnee Mission Parkway. The yellow road that’s right there that splits the project, that’s Neiman. So, and what is it, the buildings that were torn down on Shawnee Mission Parkway, Kevin Tubbesing’s project. Right now they’re putting in the creek, moving the creek back to build his office complex. So that’s Phase One that’s going in. They’re starting that right now.

So it’s a $19 million project that is four phases and in will pretty much repair the creek that goes up in there. The boxes will be redone at Nieman, so we need to add another box up there. And they’re also looking at hopefully trying to get the utilities down underground on that.

So when I’ve came before we’ve gotten -- so that project has been going, but then we’ve also got the Nieman corridor study project. And that’s been really -- that’s been going very well. City Council is very supportive of that from a four lane down to a three lane. That’s one of the recommendations that they are looking at. And then they would have a -- then one of the recommendations, the other one, and, Denise, I kind of stole yours because we don’t -- the copier keeps jamming.

So, on the east side of Neiman from Shawnee Mission Parkway up to West Flanders, we would have a multi-use trail, a ten-foot trail that will go all the way up to the park. So, that will be a pretty nice addition for down there. Plus with the drainage project we’ll have a bridge that comes over from 62nd, goes right behind the post office, or goes over the creek, but then a trail that will come up to behind the post office, behind Russell Florist, and up to Shawnee Pizza right there. So there’ll be a trail that you can get on there and go back, like going over to Panera and over in that area. So, there’s a lot happening down at this area.

So they were looking at doing some striping first just to bring it down to three lanes and see how it’s going. That’s still kind of up to debate because when they start doing Neiman they’re going to have to shut it down and only have two lanes to get the boxes in. So will be a moving target on that. So, in the next year or so there’s going to be an awful lot moving on, moving down at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Neiman with all the improvements.

And then hopefully with the improvements on Neiman that will come right behind it. So that’s kind of exciting on that. So that’s the good on that.

The bad, our streak would run out. That’s the TAP Grant that we wrote for Martindale, Connect Shawnee Martindale to the Gary Haller Trail. Competition for the dollars anymore is very tight. And this is kind of a recreational trail. It does go over the railroad crossing which is good, you get points for that. You know, you have a bridge, you go over the stream, Mill Creek and you get points for that. But as far as does it provide complete streets, does it do anything for transit, does it take anything to an activity center, does it take you to an activity center, those point, you just -- they’re not there. So, and then with the large section, you know, we’re kind of in the upper middle of scoring.

And those were the projects. The ones in black were the projects that were around town that were approved. So, in this TAP funding there’s also historic restoration that’s in this. So, the Leavenworth and the depot, the train depot up there in Leavenworth, they needed a lot of work done with the stone. So, and that’s a beautiful building that’s on the registry. So, that took about a half a million dollars out of it. There was only about $2.3 million in funding.

So anyway, so that was kind of a, but anyway we’ll -- this was 2019 or 2020 funding. So, we’ll see what happens on the next round.

The other project that we kind have been talking about that was down at Linking Shawnee to Merriam. This was a project that we, you know, in my opinion we’ve done more public meetings and open meetings than I even do on a park project. So, this was a good project. A lot of people came. We had voting. We took surveys. And the route that won was this green. You come up and then go over to the blue. But so we here recently had three stops. We had an ice cream truck and we would go out and even do more surveys, door-to-door surveys of the people that will be affected. And this is the ugly part that didn’t go over very well. So, people change their mind I guess. So, this is a grant, so we’re going to -- the 31st, the staff and the consultant will get back together and we’ll have, it’s a good document, but we will -- we can use for the Goddard Heights or we could use for other areas. It’s got a lot of good information in there. And then in September, I think that second week, the first or second week -- first week, we take it to City Council and see what they want to do. But it will probably, you know, I hate to say be put on the shelf, but it will be. And it would probably just be, in my opinion, probably will be, and just be as a kind of important document.

And we have when -- we get together on this one and on the Neiman, I didn’t copy it because it’s 75 pages, and then this one is going to be big too. But I will give that to everybody and send it to you. And that will have all of our surveys, everyone’s comments. It will also have the petition to not do it. So, everything that we’ve ever generated will be in this document, so it’s going to be a really big document on this one. And then on the Neiman one, we will do the same thing on that, all the surveys, everything that we’ve done will be tied into that executive summary, that last thing. So, anyway at least there’s a lot of good information in there and I think we could use it for other areas and maybe down the road.

MR. EHRLICH: Neil, would you comment on what the objections were? Change of heart?

MR. HOLMAN: Well it was hidden. We never told anybody about it. The idea was to come in. We were very cautious on saving trees. You know, there was a lot of trees and utilities, old neighborhood, a lot of neat treas. We were looking at a kind of bigger sidewalk, like a six-foot sidewalk with bikes on the street because it wasn’t that heavily trafficked, traveled. It’s just neighborhood traffic and just didn’t, you know, the people that -- yeah, I don’t know. It just didn’t go over very well. So, they just -- they obviously didn’t want it. So they don’t want it. They don’t want kids walking in front of their house. They don’t want, you know, there’s just a lot of comments that were made. So, they don’t want -- it would bring people into the neighborhood. They didn’t want anybody, so. They don’t want a connection from Neiman to Merriam, so it’s too bad. I mean, I thought we had a lot of good open meetings. I think we had four or five. We had a huge one down at the -- the best thing about the whole thing, the Mayor was there and she saw it. So, it was very good for her to see the process of what all happened.

Really nothing to report on the other projects. I mean, we’re still trying to put some stuff together. We’re still designing Connect Shawnee. The state is just killing me. I don’t know why they can’t just -- the plan -- the full plans are there. They’re ready to go to bid, and just waiting on his blessing. Just his okey-dokie. So, but we just can’t seem to get off the line on some stuff. So that’s very frustrating with the state and KDOT.

That’s it on the projects and as soon as the other projects come and we’ve got the two executive summaries, I’ll get those out because I told the bike board to get those out to them as well and I don’t know if you want to read it or if you want to go skim through it. But it has all the recommendations on there and it’s a good document. And then as soon as the other projects come up and they’re ready to start going on those, then I’ll start bringing those and start showing where we’re at with those. So, any questions? Anyone?


MS. SAWYER: Parks report. Or, Tonya, do you have a report? Okay.

MR. HOLMAN: Park is trimming, mulching trees. So, just doing dailies. That’s about it.



MS. SAWYER: Okay Shawnee Town Report. Mr. Pautler?

MR. PAUTLER: Hello, Charlie Pautler, Shawnee Town Director. It’s been a long hot summer but we’ve had really good visitation and we have just finished a bunch of events and we have several coming up in the month of August. So, we’re closing in on the end of the season.

This last week, and I want to bring you up to speed, we had Game Night for Families last night. It was a very hot evening, but we still had 27 people show up to play some period 1920s games and spend good family time together.
Back on Saturday of last week we had Movie Night at the Farm and we played a Charlie Chaplin film up on the side of the barn, the main barn at Shawnee Town, the market shed. And we had 75 people that showed up. It was a very warm evening again, but with lots of help from the Parks Department setting up the canvas on the side of the barn, getting the popcorn from the pool, the popcorn machine, getting the PA equipment, even though it’s a silent film, you still have music to put you in the mood of the scene that’s happening. So, it’s was a group exercise and the public really enjoyed it.

So let’s see, we have the Time Travelers program that continues through next week and that is our living history program that runs Tuesdays, Wednesday nights and Thursdays during the day. And that ends up next Thursday, a week from today, which is August 11th. So, if you haven’t had a chance to come out, I know school is about ready to start, but bring your kids out. It’s a great time. Even though it was a hundred degrees today we still had probably 17 people that showed up. We give them each a medal when it gets over 100 degrees. Not really.

And Jammin’ on the Green is our summer music series. We have four concerts on the bandstand there at Shawnee Town. We’ve got one coming up but the end of this month, August 24th. I promise it’s going to be cooler, and we’ll bring back the Grand Marquis, which is Kansas City, Missouri band. They play 20s, 30s, 40s music. They’re one of Neil’s personal favorites. So we’ve had some good, good concerts this summer.

The Friends of Shawnee Town Craft Fair is coming up. It’s the 41st annual. It’s a very successful fair for arts and crafts, material for sale. Two years ago we started incorporating kids’ activities into the events so the whole family can come and we generally draw around 4,000 to 5,000 people, if the weather is nice, for that event. And that is one day. That’s September 17th, which is a Saturday from 9-4. So that’s coming up.

Once we close down our Living History Program, then we kind of take a two-week breather, and then we start our fall special events seasons. So we’ve got the Craft Fair. We’ve got the Halloween event. We’ve got the Christmas event coming up in December.

West Flanders Park. I’ve mentioned this off and on the last year or so, but I’m getting back on that project. And at West Flanders there, we are going to be installing a very small poppy area to show why the park was named Flanders. It’s named after Flanders Field in Belgium, our Sister City Park there. And we’re going to have a commemorative sign that talks about the poppies and the significance of poppies and the significance of Flanders. So, I’ve been contacting -- there’s a local guy from Shawnee here, Jim McDuff, and he’s working with the local VFWs. We’ve talked about it again today, so we will be asking for money from the local veterans’ organizations, the Legions, the VFWs to see if they can help pay for the sign, that’s the interpretative sign.

And last but not least, on August 16th at the City Council Finance and Administrative Committee Meeting, I’m going to be presenting the plan, the Strategic Plan for Shawnee Town 1929. It’s the same plan basically that I presented to this group a few months ago, but we’re going to be presenting it to them so that we can move forward with our next phase of construction. So I invite all of you to come. That’s the evening of August 16th. That’s a Tuesday. I believe it starts at 7, is that right?
And then we also have some new volunteers that have come, we’ve had a really good summer of volunteer recruitment. Maureen Kronawitter is our volunteer coordinator, and she’s fairly new in that job. And we’ve had several that have come out to see us and tour the program. And at the end of the tour they say, well, you know, I’d really like to help out. So, we’ve had about four people join us this summer and they want to come back and help us in various aspects of the program.

I think that’s all I have for these updates. Just keep your eyes peeled for all of the events coming up in late summer and early fall. So, we’re getting into our big special events seasons, so I hope you come see us. Any questions?

MS. SAWYER: Thank you, Charlie.

MR. EHRLICH: Charlie, I do have a question.


MR. EHRLICH: Would you be able to say what the average age was for the Chaplin film?

MR. PAUTLER: I was not there for that event, so I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that, but there were a lot of families that came, younger families. So when we have a speaker series, which is a special event at Town Hall, they’re usually in the winter time, and we have a 1920s film series, the average audience is usually in their 60s and 70s. But I think for this event, and for most of our evening summer programs at the farm and, you know, the Wednesday evening programs, they’ve generally been younger families. So in their 30s, 40s, and 20s.

MR. EHRLICH: Thank you.

MR. PAUTLER: Yeah. Thank you.


MS. SAWYER: Okay let’s move onto Aquatics, Civic Centre and Recreation Reports. Ms. Lecuru.

MS. LECURU: I’ve got lots of updates for everyone. But Aquatics, we’ve had a good summer as you can guess. It has been a little warm so that has been conducive to attending the pool. To date we have had over 1,600, almost 1,700 swim lessons, 43 dive lessons or dive participants. We had one of our biggest Shawnee Sharks Swim and Dive team with 253 participants. And I’m pleased to say that our dive team took first place in the Johnson County League and the swim team took second place, which with Olathe in our league, second place is first place and Olathe is on their own. So, they have about three times the size of most other teams. So anyway, we were very pleased with that. They did a great job and they wrapped up their season with the Dive-In Movie and a potluck and award ceremony up at the pool, and had a great time.

We’ve seen a lot of increase in our water fitness classes this summer with water walking which is a just at your own pace type water walking in the Lazy River in the mornings. But then we also have our Wild River Walk, which is a guided program with weights and different instruction and things. Both of those programs have just seen huge increases this summer. And we had a participant this morning that said, I didn’t realize, I thought everybody was old that did this. I should have done this all summer long. This is a great workout. So, I imagine next summer it will be even bigger, so lots of things going up there.

Next event coming up at the pool is our K-9s at the Cove. And Wayside Waifs and Google Fiber are helping to sponsor that event and will be onsite. That’s on August 20th. There are two different sessions, one for small dogs, and one for large dogs. And then a third session that is for a free for all, whatever size you want. We do encourage advanced registration just so we have an idea of attendance, but you can also just drop in if you’d like to. And I believe it’s a $5 or $6 donation to that and that helps support Wayside Waifs.

We will be going to pool hours on next Friday, August 12th. This is the first year that Splash Cove will actually have fall pool hours. Normally they’re closed for the season by the time kids go back to school and this year they’re not. Shawnee Mission School District goes back next Friday, so we’ll go to pool hours which is 5-8 pm Monday through Friday, and the normal hours on the weekend. And then Splash Cove will close on Sunday, August 14th. And then Soetaert will remain open until Labor Day. So again, school hours during the week, 5-8, and then normal hours 12:30-6 on Saturday and Sunday.

I mentioned with our Civic Centre that Jennifer is expecting and the doctor said this week, a 50/50 chance she’d be with us next week. So, we’re holding out for two more weeks, so we’ll see.

We did take one of our pool clerks that worked with us this summer and she has transferred as a Civic Centre Supervisor evening position with the fall due to the resignation of one of our other supervisors, so that’s why we’re also looking for maybe one other Civic Centre Supervisor. So if you know anyone who’s looking for a part-time job, please have them go to the City’s website and apply. It’s a fun job. It’s an easy job and it’s great for students or teachers that have a lot of those.

So, Craft Fair is full. Craft Fair is over full for the Holiday Treasures Craft Festival, which will be at the end of October. The whole building as well as our outside tent and individual tents that we have outdoors are all full. So there was a lot of interest in that this year, so we’re excited for that. And we’ll be trying some new marketing pieces kind of following on what Shawnee Town has a lot of success with the Facebook ads and stuff, so we’ll be doing those.

All of the staff are working on our RecTrac migration, so everyone’s going through training with some demos online, which is taking quite a bit of investment on all the departments and all of the staff and we’ll be working with our front desk staff as well to go through that as well as Shawnee Town staff.

And then half court rentals for folks who are interested in renting the Civic Centre half court for practices over the winter that opens on August 29th. It’s a first come, first serve. If you know of anyone who is interested in having some basketball court rentals, those open at the end of this month.

Recreation Report, Kate reports that this is the last week of summer camp. We had over 235 participants in various summer camps and clinics, not including our normal ongoing summer class program that we offer year round. So that was really successful summer. We had some new football camps with Chiefs, the Chief veterans. They had a great camp out at Garrett Park, probably the hottest week of the year. But it was very successful and the folks really enjoyed it, parents and kids alike.

Fall brochure is almost done. This is our first year that we’ve had the fourth brochure, which is fall and those are going to be programs from October through December and it will drop on September 1st. So keep an eye out for that. Again, kind of like we’ve done in the past, we should have a meeting before the next one comes, out but let me know when you receive that at your home.

We’ve started a new partnership with Living the Dream Basketball, which has offered some summer basketball camps and clinics and we will be continuing with them this fall.

We have a Royal’s trip on Tuesday, September 27th. It’s $84. It’s an all age group trip. It includes air conditioned motor coach ride to the game, early entrance for batting practice and a t-shirt which is the final t-shirt Tuesday of the year.

We have had, again, this last year Kate’s worked with Mission and Lenexa, their programming staff to develop senior trips and family trips. We had a very successful first year generating almost $10,000 in revenue and having brought new people to our programs and then we’ve seen that expand then into our SenCom programs and things like that. So, we’re getting ready and we’re planning our 2017 schedule and there’s a lot of really fun programs. Some of those we work with Crossroad Tours to offer programs through them and then other ones they develop themselves in-house, kind of as ways to -- whichever is the most economical and the best bang for our buck. Again those are all coming up right now.

And then our final concert of the series, the Summer Concert series is tomorrow, which would be Friday, August 5th at West Flanders Park from 7:00-9:30. According to the weather forecast it’s going to be 84 degrees and beautiful, so this may be the one to come to this year. So, please come out and join us.

MS. PAUTLER: That’s crazy talk.

MS. LECURU: I know. Who’s talking?

MR. HOLMAN: I thought it was supposed to rain.

MS. LECURU: Thanks, Neil.

So we’ve got that going for us. But again, Overland Park Regional ER of Shawnee has been a huge supporter of us this whole season, Hy-Vee. And then this is our concert that’s sponsored by a lot of the downtown businesses. So, come out and hear a little bit about them tomorrow night.

The tour, as I said, registrations are going for that. The BBQ contest is almost full, judges are full, but we’re still taking -- we have spots for I think four more teams. If anyone is interested in joining us at the BBQ contest. Craft fair is full. RecTrac migration, which is everyone.

Soccer season starts here in a couple of weeks and we’ll kick it off with the Challenger Cup tournament, so working with that.

I don’t know if you guys have heard anything about this Pokémon Go, but it’s been kind of crazy in the parks, so, and it doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone is participating. So it’s been fun to see people go out and then meet folks. They run into each other at these different stops. It’s been kind of fun to watch everyone come up to the parks and the pools and just different areas.

And then we’re also working on a geocaching program with the Mayor that there will be two different series of geocaches, one with an emphasis on the history of Shawnee downtown area and then one within the parks. So we’ll have more information about that as it comes up as well.


MS. SAWYER: Okay. Anybody have anything else they’d like to add? We’d entertain a motion to adjourn?

MS. SHANNON: I move we adjourn.

MS. RIGGS: I’ll second.

MS. SAWYER: All in favor?


MS. SAWYER: Thank you.

[Therefore, Ms. Shannon moved and Ms. Riggs seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed 7-0.]

(Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Adjourned)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das August 21, 2016

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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