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May 5, 2016
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Elaine CoppParks & Recreation Director Holman
Peter EhrlichDeputy Parks & Recreation Director Lecuru
Donna SawyerShawnee Town 1929 Director Pautler
Rebecca BaileyManager Parks and Facilities DeGraeve
Jennifer Riggs
Board Members Absent
Denise Shannon
Pam Cremer
Shelly Fabac
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order at 5:31 p.m.)


MS. COPP: Good afternoon. I’d like to call the Park and Recreation Advisory Board meeting of May 5, 2016, to order. And we will have a roll call. But before we do that, we need to make sure that during our discussion this evening that we use our mics. Thank you.

MR. EHRLICH: Peter Ehrlich.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. COPP: Elaine Copp.

MS. RIGGS: Jennifer Riggs.

MS. BAILEY: Rebecca Bailey.

MS. COPP: Thank you. Okay. We’ve done the roll call. And I would like to welcome some young guests to the audience tonight. We have some, oh, it looks like there’s a young lady back there. We have some young students from I believe Shawnee Mission Northwest. Do you want to mention your name and why you’re here?

(Students introduced themselves to the board members.)

MS. COPP: Well, thank you. Welcome and good luck. I guess, what, next week you graduate? Good luck. Thank you.


1. Approval of the March 3, 2016 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Minutes
MS. COPP: Okay. We have Consent Items. This is the approval of March 3, 2016 Park and Recreation Advisory Board Draft Minutes. Did everyone have a chance to take a look at them? Do I have a motion that those minutes be approved?

MS. BAILEY: I move to approve the minutes.

MS. RIGGS: Second.

MS. COPP: Rebecca has moved and Jennifer has seconded. Is there any other discussion on those? If not, all those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed, nay. Thank you.

[Therefore, Board Member Bailey moved and Board Member Riggs seconded to approve the Consent Items. The motion passed 5-0.]



MS. COPP: The Discussion Items. Number 1 on our agenda is Erfurt Park Nature Play. Mr. Holman.

MR. HOLMAN: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director. I apologize for the audio, it is out.

MS. LECURU: Video.

MR. HOLMAN: Unfortunately, the video. So, not audio, video. However, we have a map. This is Erfurt Park, the Nature Play that we are looking at putting in. Just wanted to get some thoughts.

The brown area is where all the logs, rocks, the big stones would be. The little circle areas, those are five, six-foot mounds. There’s a seating area that comes along the trail right here. This is a two-tier step for parents or for kids to climb. And then there will be a climbing structure right in the center of that half circle, the little moon right there.

We do have some of the logs out there now. We’re bringing more logs in. Down at Clear Creek on Phase 1, oh, it’s been a couple years ago - there was a micro burst that came – (a micro burst is when the pressure comes down) and it split a bunch of the trees. So, we’ve taken those down and we’ll be hauling those this week to Erfurt to use those in the Nature Play. I’ve also got some other pictures that, and I know these are black and white and I’ll pass them around, but you can kind of see some of the ideas that we’re going to be playing with in this Nature Play in the berms.

In those berms, little hideaways where the rocks, we may do a tunnel that goes through one of them. And then I’ll pass these around so you can see on that page. And then these are one of, I don’t know, I really think these are pretty cool. We make the willow huts or willow tunnels that the kids can go through. And you’ll see that on this page.

And then down on Clear Creek Phase 3, Ramie brought to my attention that from this last storm, we’ve got a pretty good-sized tree that has all of its roots showing, a large portion of them, and it looks pretty much like this. That would be something to show the kids how the roots and how they flare out. This makes it kind of hard when we don’t have video.

So, just wanted to kind of get an idea. It’s a discussion item. Just wanted to kind of see if there were thoughts, and I know that you didn’t get this ahead of time, but just kind of anything that you’ve seen out in the parks or something that would be -- to incorporate or if we’re on the right track.

Nature Play is kind of continuous. Once the kids get on there they can go a lot of numerous areas and that’s what this -- all these are connected by the logs and by stepping stones, or stepping logs that would be placed for play. And then once we get this all done, we would definitely forest the area on the outsides. I know that Lenexa has a very nice nature play area. You know, it was nice. They’ve got a forest right there. We bought land that’s a farm field, so we’ve got to bring in our forest and make it. But we’ll get there over in time. But just wanted to throw this out as a discussion item just to see what your thoughts were on some of the pictures and some of the ideas. Or if there’s something, I mean there’s no crazy ideas. It’s just fun climbing for the kids. So, yes.

MS. COPP: Neil, tell me where this is exactly. I mean, is it over there kind of on the eastern side?

MR. HOLMAN: It’s the south side. This right here, if you’ve been out, that’s the tree alley.

MS. COPP: Oh, okay.

MR. HOLMAN: Where there are double trees. They’re already there, the double trees. And then you look out there’s two benches there. It will start right there, then it will go over to the little triangle piece here. We were putting that in as a scents garden.

MS. LECURU: Neil, we’re also expanding, or considering expanding the sand pit.

MR. HOLMAN: Oh, yeah. We’ve had some request, because there is -- obviously there is a lot of play out there. We’ve had some phone calls on having the sand pit expanded, so we may bring out another layer. We’ve got a concrete band right here, so we may come out just south of that. We’ll just make another band and then come around and make it bigger. So, it would be stepping down at a lower sand pit.

If you’ve been out there, we had an issue out there. Our tank floated for the bubblers and it came three foot out of the ground. The contractor didn’t secure it, so he’s back out there securing it. That was a surprise last week.
Any other thoughts?

MS. COPP: Are there any questions? Oh, Donna.

MS. SAWYER: Neil, I don’t have a question, but I do like the idea of the little tunnel and all the little niches in the rocks. I think those would be great for kids to explore and play hide and seek and just imagine whatever they want. And I think that’s a really good feature to include in the Nature Play area.


MS. RIGGS: Neil, this might not fit into the theme of it, but I know something that my kids love to play on are the zip lines, the ones that are not so far off the ground that they can actually hold on and hold their legs up and slide through. There’s one -- the park that’s on, I think it’s Lenexa, 79th and Lackman, has a gigantic long zip line that the kids just stand in line for it. It’s by Little Mill Creek maybe is the name of it. It’s just east of 79th Street and Lackman. And it’s a super long zip line. I think it is in Lenexa. Just an example of something else that I know my kids will stand in that line. We play soccer over there and there is always after soccer practice --

MR. HOLMAN: Is it out there by a school?

MS. RIGGS: It is by a middle school there.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. Okay.

MS. RIGGS: It’s just across from that. So, just as another idea.

MR. HOLMAN: And that’s pretty brand new.

MS. RIGGS: It is new.

MR. HOLMAN: Okay. Yes. We’ll go down and look at it. That’s good. There’s plenty of room on that area.

MS. COPP: I had a question on that log or that tree that went over. It’s not that you were talking about the rooted part of the tree that’s been exposed.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. It looks almost just like that.

MS. COPP: Well, I know we saw a picture of it, but it’s not out there at that park now, is it?


MS. COPP: It’s somewhere else and you would move it out there?

MR. HOLMAN: Right. With our clam truck. That was where the railroad tracks are, the Phase 3.

MS. COPP: Are there any other questions for Neil?

MR. EHRLICH: You know, just generally, how has the acceptance or attendance been at Erfurt?

MR. HOLMAN: I think it’s been pretty good. Shelter rentals, I know this next month are packed for graduation. It’s a huge month right now. Every time we go out, there’s kids, there’s soccer people playing on the soccer field. There’s always somebody playing on the playground, either the commercial playground or the Nature Play area, the areas that we have done so far. But everyone seems to be good.

MS. LECURU: There has been a lot of use, some like you said with the rentals. But almost every weekend, I’m seeing somebody posting, “hey, we’re out at Erfurt Park” and the photo is up in the climber, or up on top of the observation tower, or observation hill. So, yeah, it’s getting used. And obviously they’re using it because they’re wanting more. They’re requesting, you know, the other areas to expand. So the more feedback we get from users helps us with the development and finalizing it.

MR. HOLMAN: We just had the contract for 153 trees that are now being planted out there. I think we’re done. They’re mulching and staking them right now. So, that’s, I mean, that’s even giving you a whole new look of the park with all the trees and evergreens that are in there now. But it will be a work in progress each year.

MS. COPP: Thank you.

MR. HOLMAN: All right. If there’s anything, please let me know.

MS. COPP: Okay. I believe we had a couple of more students from Shawnee Mission Northwest. Welcome this evening. Hi there. Hope you learn a lot tonight and you get involved in the Parks and Rec here in Shawnee.

Public Comment:

MS. COPP: Next on our agenda we have comments from the floor. Did we have a guest or someone that would like to -- if you would, please come over here and state your name into the mic.

MR. BOLEN: My name is Brian Bolen. I was here in December and brought up some concerns about Listowel Park. We’ve made a lot of progress over there and we’re still going and very appreciative. This kind of goes along with the Erfurt Park deal. I was at that Erfurt Park dedication and had a lot of fun there and our kids. I think we’ve been there probably ten times and it’s a long drive for us, but it’s worth it. So, I’m really appreciative of everything that the Parks and Rec Department does. I wanted to present a photograph of the dedication to you guys and you can display it. You can auction it. You can put in a closet. But this was taken, and I don’t remember the gal’s name that the little area was named after.

MR. HOLMAN: Gabriele.

MR. BOLEN: And so I thought it was kind of an interesting moment and I just wanted you guys to have this. I don’t know if, Neil, you want to take care of this.

MR. HOLMAN: Thank you very much.

MS. LECURU: Very cool.


MS. LECURU: Can I have a picture of you guys taken?

MR. BOLEN: I’m going to give you the box and everything that goes with it. And I have to jet because I have kindergarten stuff.

MS. COPP: Oh, okay. Well, get over here real quick and get your picture.

(Pictures Taken)

MS. COPP: Brian, thank you very much. That’s quite a gift. And I guarantee you it won’t go in a closet.


MS. COPP: Okay. Let’s go on to Member Reports. Anything from the board?

MS. SAWYER: Elaine, I would just like to thank all of the Parks staff for all of their help with the Shawnee St. Patrick’s Parade. It was a great day. We appreciated everything you all do for us every year, setting up the judges’ stand and giving us our vehicles and everything, so we appreciate that. Thank you very much.

MS. COPP: I would also ditto that, not for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but the Taste of Shawnee. I believe that was a great success. The Shawnee Rotary Club put that together. It was an outstanding day. Thank you for your help. Also I want to mention that next Wednesday, there is going to be a big event at the Town Hall in regard to the Nieman Road project. And I know that -- some of the concerns will be the bike trail and the connection between Merriam and Shawnee. So, if any of you are available, it would be nice if you could come and give us our comments on that. Thank you.

MR. HOLMAN: We can send the announcement. Did everybody get one?

MS. COPP: I believe it was in the Dispatch, and I’ve gotten it, but I think --

MR. HOLMAN: I thought they were going to send it to the board. We’ll send it. I’ll send it tomorrow to everybody.

MS. COPP: Thank you. Any other member reports?



MS. COPP: Okay. Let’s go to Staff Reports. Director’s Report.

MR. HOLMAN: All right. Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director. The next fun things that you have on this. This is the TAP grant that we wrote. We’ve sent it off. This is 0.6 miles off Martindale, and you’ll see the orange line that ties right into the Gary Haller Trail. This will come right across the railroad tracks. We’ll have a crossing right there, but then you’ll be able to hit the trail right off Mr. Hoehn’s property and then that’s the county property that goes around.

The bridge and then the other pictures, the bridge that will be -- kind of takes you out of the flood plain. This is only a little over a half mile, probably about a $2 million trail because of the bridge and everything. So, I am asking for the full amount of $500,000 from the TAP grant. I will be going to talk to the director with the county and ask that they participate as well. They usually do ten percent of the project, which would give $200,000. I would like to ask for $300,000 since this is all on their property and this is a great benefit, I know to Shawnee, but also to the county. We definitely are spending more than over a million dollars on this property with Parks and Pipes money. Plus, that’s not to say that it will probably be almost a half of a million just for the railroad crossing. So, it’s an expensive venture. But with the homes over there that come from Shawnee Mission Parkway, that’s the only way they can get to the trail when they ride their bikes with their families.

So, with Shawnee Mission Parkway, you’ve got K-7 and then you go to 83rd, which is about 4,000 people, soon with the new subdivisions, but around 4,000 people. That doesn’t count the northern Lenexa that will use this trail to get down to Gary Haller Trail. So, it does affect a lot of people. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the grant and get it done and have the commitment from Johnson County as well.

We will probably hear something in August. I’ve got a meeting next week that we’ll talk about these down at MARC. And then they’ll set up presentations. So, we’ll go and we’ll present the project to the board down there. And I know I gave some to some of the boys out there. If you didn’t see the new trail. So, any questions on this?

MS. COPP: I’m sorry, I do. Now, this is all Shawnee. This is located in Shawnee, correct?

MR. HOLMAN: Yes. It’s roughly, let’s say 72nd and Martindale.

MS. COPP: Oh, I know where it is. But that Gary L. Haller Trail, did that come from Lenexa? And I see it goes back up this other way.

MR. HOLMAN: The Gary Haller Trail goes from Nelson Island all the way to Olathe.

MS. COPP: Oh, it does. Okay.


MS. COPP: And that’s county.

MR. HOLMAN: It’s 23 miles. So, people use this for a lot of recreation. I mean, we use it -- we walk there just about every night. But when Perceptive Software was in Shawnee we had people that would ride their bikes from Olathe, a group of gentlemen that rode their bikes from Olathe to Perceptive Software. It’s recreational, but it is also transportation on that Gary Haller just because it does go all the way down to Olathe. And like I said, 23 miles.

MS. COPP: But the railroad crossing there --

MR. HOLMAN: This will be an at-grade.

MS. COPP: -- is there going to be a warning or anything because I know that’s an active railroad.

MR. HOLMAN: Oh, yeah. There will be an eight-inch curb that will be all concrete, and there will be two lanes. There will be an egress and an ingress on that area. There will be flashing. There will be arms. We’ve got a support letter from the railroad that everything is fine. So, if we put the proper stuff that they want, they recommend for the crossing.

MS. COPP: I know there’s kind of a spot there where people will pull over there and sit there until a train comes and take pictures. It’s just a photographic spot right along there. That’ll make it even more available.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. There will be no parking on the east side.

MS. COPP: Right.

MR. HOLMAN: You’ll either ride or unfortunately there’s really no parking even on the west side of the tracks.

MS. COPP: Yeah.

MR. HOLMAN: It’ll be more for people really.

MS. COPP: Any other questions for Neil? Thank you, Neil.

MR. HOLMAN: All right. There’s just a few other things. Over the weekend, I know we have May Fest up at the Erfurt Park. The German Club had a real nice celebration.

At Garrett Park, the Monticello Historical Society dedicated a sign that we were part of through the Heritage Trust Grant. It was in the paper today on the Dispatch of the Garrett family and with the Garrett house and all they’ve contributed to Shawnee over the years.

And budget, I know we won’t have a meeting next month, but then the next June/July, we’ll talk a little bit about budget. We’re kind of doing things different this year. We’re still kind of feeling out way on that. But I’ll have more information on that at the next meeting.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Neil.

MR. HOLMAN: All right.


MS. COPP: Parks Report.

MR. DeGRAEVE: Good evening. Ramie DeGraeve, Manager of Parks and Facilities. Donna, thank you. Thank you for recognizing staff on the events. We’ve had a few other events, other than the Taste of Shawnee. We actually helped the Chamber with an event at Penny’s Concrete earlier in the month where the Secretary of Commerce was in town. So, staff has been busy with that. And, of course, Old Shawnee Days is right around the corner, so it is definitely on our minds and being mentioned at least once a day amongst ourselves and thinking and planning and doing a non-rain dance for that event.

So, right now sports fields. We’re kind of closing out the end of our spring soccer season. Got a couple more weeks to go. Had a real successful challenger cup a couple weeks back. Guys have been working hard on that. With the drier spring, other than the last ten days, it’s been pretty nice. We’ve been able to keep a pretty good handle on everything.

So, with that being said the big three-inch gully washer we had the last weekend led us to have about a foot of mud on our Clear Creek Trail, Phase 2 there just east of Woodland. So, we spent the better part of a day, most of our staff, shoveling the mud and getting all that cleaned up. But the good part is it gains us cool features for our Nature Play. So, there is always a good side and a down side. Usually the good side outweighs the bad. We did gain a really nice piece of wood for Neil’s project.

And on that note, we’ve been working with Neil basically trying to procure as much staff as we can, not wasting things like cutting down trees, rocks from the general construction of Erfurt, things of that nature to use at the site. So, we’re pretty excited. The tentative plan, like Neil said, I’m hoping tomorrow if I can get the right equipment from Public Works, which we’re on track to do, we’ll start moving trees over from Clear Creek and we’ll start staking next week. Hopefully we’ll have some pictures by the next Park Board in July. If not, show you a finished product, at least a project that’s fairly far along and we’ll give you a good idea of what it looks like in person.

So, mowing. What can I say? We’re doing a lot of it right now. Contractors, the ball field guys, landscaping around towns. We’re starting to get a handle on getting our winter beds cleaned up. The pool beds are getting cleaned up. The umbrellas are out at the pools. Kind of the big signal for the start of pool season. Water did start going in both pools day in the main pool at Thomas Soetaert Aquatic Center, and the wave pool should be full at Splash Cove. And they should be starting to fill on the smaller pools there as well.
Mr. Bolen, it’s unfortunate he couldn’t stay. We’ve been working with him and a group of folks from the neighborhood around Listowel Park and our volunteer coordinator. We’ve got a pretty substantial project coming up Saturday May 14th from 9 to 11. We’re going to be installing a butterfly garden. I think we’ve talked about it maybe at one of the last Park Boards. It was kind of just starting to get traction. But since that point in time, that neighborhood group has actually pulled together a real good core of people and we’ve got some grants from MARC. And really just donations from them on plant materials. We’ve been out there prepping that site. We’ve got a little bit more to do tomorrow in preparation for the big planning next week. I think as it stands right now, we’ve got about 20 volunteers signed up which, for me, is outstanding with it being the first project of this nature we’ve done. Coming in cold turkey, for lack of a better terminology. I think we’re going to gain a lot more. It’s the same week as Shawnee Shine Up, so we’re kind of hoping maybe we’ll have some overflow from that. It ties in nicely with that weekend. Because again, it’s going to make that park even more beautiful. As you well know there is a shortage of habitat for Monarch butterflies and bees and insects of that nature, so we’re very excited. Looking forward to getting that done.

I’ll put in a little sad note. We are going to be a little shorthanded on staff going forward. I had a Parks supervisor, Jared Lind, our Parks Supervisor of Forestry and Landscape. I think he attended a Park Board meeting at one time. He turned in his resignation, left us for Lenexa effective last Friday. We’ve got a young man in-house that’s filling the spot on the interim. He’s worked with Jared quite a bit the last couple years. It’ll be Sean Thomas. So, we’ve got that position posted. It’s going to be open a week internally, and then potentially a week externally and we’ll see how it goes from there. The upside is we’re in good hands right now with Sean. Going forward, we’ll see what takes shape with that.

We did get our new John Deere Gator. We had talked about, I think, around the first of the year, which we’ll use a lot for trail maintenance, cleaning the mud off the trails, different projects and special events throughout the City. So that’s been a nice addition.

Erfurt Park, fine tuning it as Neil said. A contractor got 153 trees planted out there. The park was a little shaggy last weekend for May Fest. Some of that was due to the weather. Some of it was due to we had our flags and everything marked for the trees to be planted. So, that’s what we’re going to be focusing on this week, well, going into next week. The contractor will be out there mowing it tomorrow and we’ll be mulching up the main bed in front of the big shelter at kind of the formal garden. And then back toward the Nature Play we’re putting in mocha mulch. That park is really going to pop when you pull into it by this time next week for sure. Hopefully much sooner than, that weather permitting. But we’re very excited.

We’ve got more native seed that we’ll get planted here before June 15th. Kind of the back half. It’ll kind of skirt around the Nature Play area that’s on your map, kind of between the hill or the bump. We won’t talk about what we christened it, Donna. But anyway, so we’re excited about that. We should hit those timelines. Get another good stand of wildflowers. We’ve already got some wildflowers popping out there which is a good sign. We had a great stand last year, so we’re pretty hopeful and confident that, you know, they’re going to have carryover of the perennials. So, it was just kind of a touchy balance trying to get all that established.
As Neil had said, some more bad news with good news tied to it. The control box at Erfurt that floated out of the ground, not great news. Easily fixed. The good news is we have a new irrigation system that we installed out there that is the first of its kind that we’ve dealt with. It sends out e-mails and text messages alerting you to water leaks. I think it was about 12:30 in the morning last Friday night when this physically floated out of the ground. Everybody’s phones kind of went crazy and it was alerting us that we had a major water leak and it automatically shut it down. Probably saved us thousands of dollars in water costs and shut it right down and worked perfectly. So, not a great way to test it, but definitely a silver lining to that. And I know the contractors are out there putting it back together right now. I think we’ll have it up and running in, you know, fairly short order.

Cemetery work. We’ve had a couple large trees come down last week. Huge hackberries. Two of them that were kind of twin trees that I could have physically crawled through that were so hollow that finally just gave out after probably a hundred-plus years. That was interesting, but we’ve got it all cleaned up and taken care of. Done some light work leveling some headstones and things. That work continues out there and sodding graves and keeping caught up with that type of work.

And last but not least, hopefully I won’t steal this from your report, Charlie. But Charlie did purchase new chicks for Old Shawnee Town. We’ve got them at the shop. We’ve had them three weeks now I think. Got 15 of them. They’re all what we like to call “slightly bigger than chicken nugget size,” so right on track with where they’re supposed to be for this point in time. But hopefully we will have some more chickens for Charlie in his programs, I’m hoping maybe by the end of summer. Have to let them get pretty mature and of decent size before we can put them in with the more mature chickens. So, with that, I will take any questions.

MS. COPP: Anyone have any questions for Ramie? I wanted to mention to these students that several months back there was a group of concerned citizens that came to our board in regard to Listowel Park. And they had concerns that it wasn’t up to snuff. Well, this is kind of an example of what when the homeowners and volunteers and the Park Department and the City can go together and they’re going to have, what the Monarch planting, what, next weekend?

MR. DeGRAEVE: It’ll be the 14th, yes.

MS. COPP: I think that’s a great project that they’ve taken on. I think we can probably see more of that in the City that the neighborhoods can get together and work with the Parks.

MR. DeGRAEVE: Well, and I know I’ve received a phone call and I know Neil received an e-mail last week. We’ve had other interested folks kind of along the Clear Creek Trail and different places that just completely unbeknownst to them that this was going on want to do the same thing in other parks. So, for now we’ve kind of channeled them to Listowel because that’s where our main footprint for this project is. And again, kind of a test site. I hate to call it a test site, but just trying, again, it’s very touchy getting these native areas to take off. You wouldn’t think it would be hard. But it is so much easier to almost sometimes plug in plants that aren’t supposed to be there that you’d buy at a nursery than actually plant the plants that are supposed to be here that have been here for a thousand years. We’re very hopeful this is going to take off. And, you know, as time allows and the program goes forward it’s something maybe that we can grow into other areas.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


MS. COPP: Next on our agenda, Shawnee Town 1929 Report. Charlie.

MR. PAUTLER: Hello, everyone. Charlie Pautler, Shawnee Town 1929 Director. We’ve had a very busy spring so far. Our school groups have been looking really good compared to last year and last year was a bumper year for us. I think we’re going to outpace last year. Every Tuesday through Friday is booked through at least mid-May. We’ve had some groups that sporadically have booked into various days in late May and a couple in early June. So, we’re looking really good there.

We are working on our site plan. That’s the plan that comes after the Strategic Plan is written. That is a physical -- you hire a landscape architect and that person plots out where all the different buildings are going to go, according to the way the Strategic Plan is laid out. So, we will have that to look at shortly. It’s still in the works. We’re involving an engineering firm for the next plan, which is the drainage plan to make sure that when we get a gully washer that it doesn’t all go into the beautiful little flower garden plots. So, the site will drain much better after the drainage plan is made into a real physical thing.

We have special events coming up. I encourage you if you don’t have one of these, it’s our special event calendar for this year. I carry them in my car if anybody wants one. We have an event coming up this weekend. Our Model A car club. If you want to see several Model As from the late 20s, come on out. It’s from 1 to 4. And then peddle cars will be available for the little kids.

We are preparing for our larger events. This is as we’re doing our school programs, we’re doing our small programs and then we’re also getting ready for Old Shawnee Days, the interpretative historical type programs that tie into Old Shawnee Days, and then the Bloody Mary Roll-Out party and then the Tomato Roll. So, the Bloody Mary party, it’s a fundraiser for the Friends of Shawnee Town, that is June 1st, which is a Wednesday. The Tomato Roll, which is also a fundraiser for the Friends, they’re both connected, that is June 4th, Saturday, that kicks off Old Shawnee Days at the beginning of the parade. Old Shawnee Days itself is the 2nd through the 5th of June. It will be the 50th anniversary of this, so we’re expecting really good crowds and flawless weather.

Thanks to the Friends of Shawnee Town, we just purchased a 1928 Chevy coupe and it’s fully restored. That will be in our Chevy dealership, the Fisher’s Chevy dealership, which will be the next building that we construct at Shawnee Town.

We have two new hires that are working out very well. JoJo Palko is our museum assistant. We combine our collections assistant position, which was a little less than half time with our museum interpreter position, which was also less than half time, to make it a really decent benefits eligible position with health plan and all that. She is doing a wonderful job. She’s been on the site for three weeks now and really helping us. You don’t realize while this person has gone, you know, Sharon Uhler, the Curator of Education, and I, we’ve been kind of filling in all the gaps. So, it’s really a breath of fresh air to have an extra set of hands who is very talented to help us with the school programs and program development and the interpretative season. Our new volunteer coordinator, Maureen Kronawitter, is getting us new volunteers. We had a volunteer open house in April and we have several new volunteers that have been going through training or will be going through training to help us deliver our programs. So, that’s it. Any questions?

MS. COPP: Thank you, Charlie.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number 4, Civic Centre, Recreation Report. Tonya, do you want to do them all?

MS. LECURU: That’s fine. Also my own report. Working on sponsorships right now for all of our summer events as well as our fall activities. Had some really good meetings with Shawnee Mission Health, with Country Club Bank and with Hy-Vee. So, we’ve got some new interest of things that are going on. Also working on our Summer Concert Series. Our Downtown Partnership group, hoping to have them come back and support the August concerts. Those letters have went out, so hope to hear back from them soon. It’s been a busy time coming and going. We’re getting ready for summer and all of the staff at the Civic Centre are supporting each other’s divisions based on the given day or time, even of the day. It’s just been kind of busy and crazy.

But for a report of the Civic Centre, the new furniture that we talked about that has been ordered for the lobby area is scheduled to be delivered to the warehouse on May 10th next week, which is Tuesday. That’s why I knew what day May 10th was. We hope to have it scheduled to be installed in the lobby next week. We’ll have you stop by and take a look at that.

The Lawrence Journal World has booked another job fair at the Civic Centre, so we’re seeing more continued growth in the business use of the facility. Jennifer is doing a great job working with that. Also the Sunday morning church service that we’ve been working with has fit in really well. Sunday has been our busiest day, some of our busiest days during the week doing that.

Also Jennifer is volunteering with the Old Shawnee Days committee and has been very busy with the booths. All those numbers have been assigned and Old Shawnee Days booths are full, so you should start seeing more information come out about that.

As Ramie had mentioned, some of the things that’s going on at the pools, we are starting to fill, it was up to six foot in the main pool. The wave pool was complete like you said. So, Sean and Jeff anticipate that being completed by Tuesday of next week. Also if you drove by Soetaert Aquatic Center the new awnings are being installed. We’ve got the ones on the front of the building as well as the ones on the back side, not the large ones yet. But it’s going to really give a brand new look to the pool. Great job of things going on there.

Still hiring, which is extremely unusual for us at this point. I think everyone is having hard time with the hiring process. We are still looking for 20 lifeguards. And so that would bring us to 80. We’d love to have 90, but 80 would be great. If you know of anyone is 15 years of age or older or looking for a way to pay for college that likes to swim. Okay. Good. All right. We’ll see you tomorrow. That application is available online. So, we are looking for lifeguards at this time. Again, 15 and older is great. Sean is teaching a class right now and we will have one more class the first week of June, the first week the pool is open. So again, encourage folks to come.

We’ve set the Dive-In movie for July which is going to be Finding Nemo and the facility rentals and birthday parties are going crazy. So, that’s all great. Pools are just hopping.

The recreation report, we’re enrolling all of our summer camps all the way through August. Summer brochure, again we talked about instead of having three brochures this year, we have the four. This will be our first standalone summer issue that will hit the streets on June 1st. Those are programs July through September. So, we’ve got a lot of new programs and new partnerships that we’re working on, so that will be great.

This Mother’s Day, we have a mother-daughter paint class that’s full with 20 enrollments. So, that’ll be fun. We also started our collaborative day trip program with the cities of Lenexa and Mission which have been doing fabulous. Depending upon the trip, it depends on how many registrations we take or Lenexa takes or Mission, so they kind of move around a little bit. But our first one is next week for the Missouri farm trip which is full. Chicken and Pickin’, we have a really good registration for that between us and Lenexa. The day trip to Warm Springs is also full. We’re talking 28 folks from Shawnee. There’s 16 from Lenexa and 4 from Mission. So, it’s been a really good start to this. So, we’re anxious to continue that. We’ll be gathering to plan the 2017 trips soon. So, working with that. We also have six new registrations for our first overnight trip which is November to see the lights at Branson. So, all of those programs are going really well.

As I said, Old Shawnee Days is coming up. I think everybody has mentioned it, but can’t hurt to mention it again. So, hopefully everyone will join us. That means we will not be having Park Board next month in June because that is the first night, which is our country night on the main stage on June 2nd. We invite you to come to that rather than Park Board. The next Park Board meeting will be July 7th. Please put that on your calendar and let us know.

When I send out -- I do try to send out the reminders and the minutes as soon as possible, hopefully usually by Monday, but no later than Tuesday morning. If you receive those, if you could respond, just RSVP really super quick, “yes, I can make it,” or “no, I can’t,” one way or another. Even a text to me would be great. As you can see, we have five folks tonight. Without five we don’t have quorum. I don’t want to have people make plans to be at the meeting and then not be able to -- and then get here and not have enough to have it. So, let’s be a respectful of everyone’s time. You’re all here, but I just want to remind you. So, if you could RSVP, that would be great.

MR. EHRLICH: So, we are here.

MS. LECURU: And you are here, and I appreciate that. It is noted.

MS. COPP: Okay. And I apologize again.

MS. LECURU: Elaine, I didn’t even point you out.

MS. COPP: No. She wanted to know if I was mad at her because I hadn’t RSVP’d. I apologize. It’s been a crazy month. It’s only what, the 5th? Are there any questions for Tonya? Is there any questions from the room? Did you learn a lot? Okay.


MS. COPP: Any other comments or concerns or announcements? If not, I move for a motion to adjourn.

MS. SAWYER: So moved.

MS. COPP: Donna moves. Do I have a second?

MS. BAILEY: Second.

MS. COPP: Any other questions? All those in favor.


MS. COPP: Opposed? Meeting adjourned.

[Therefore, Board Member Sawyer moved and Board Member Bailey seconded to adjourn. The motion passed 5-0.]

(Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Adjourned at 6:18 p.m.)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das June 10, 2016

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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