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January 7, 2016
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Elaine CoppParks & Recreation Director Holman
Peter EhrlichDeputy Parks & Recreation Director Lecuru
Pam CremerShawnee Town 1929 Director Pautler
Donna SawyerRecreation Specialist Keenan
Rebecca BaileyManager Parks and Facilities DeGraeve
Recreation Coordinator Kinkaid
Board Members Absent
Denise Shannon
Rueshunda Davis
Shelly Fabac
Jennifer Riggs
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order at 5:39 p.m.)


MS. BAILEY: It is 5:39. We’ll go ahead and call the January Park and Rec Advisory Board meeting to order. And, Peter, start with the roll call, please.

MR. EHRLICH: Peter Ehrlich. Happy New Year.

MS. COPP: Elaine Copp.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. BAILEY: Rebecca Bailey.

MS. CREMER: Pam Cremer.

MS. BAILEY: And we have a quorum, so we will move on to the Consent Items.


1. Approval of the December 3, 2015 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Minutes

MS. BAILEY: And the first item on the agenda is the approval of the December Board Minutes. Is there any questions, changes, conversations needed for those minutes? If none, I will entertain a move to approve.

MS. CREMER: I’ll move to approve.

MS. COPP: I second.

MS. BAILEY: All those in favor?


MS. BAILEY: Opposed? Motion passes. (Motion passes 5-0)



MS. BAILEY: And the next agenda item is the Election of the 2016 Officers for the Board. At this time we will take nominations for chair and vice-chair. Current vice-chair is Elaine.

MR. EHRLICH: Well, I would like to nominate Elaine Copp as chair.

MS. SAWYER: I’ll second that.

MS. BAILEY: All those in favor?


MS. BAILEY: Anyone opposed? (Motion passes 5-0). Okay. Elaine is our new Chair for 2016. And now we need to nominate a vice-chair. Who has not served as vice-chair yet? Probably Jennifer and Rueshunda? Have you? Oh, and Pam.

(Talking off microphone)

MS. SAWYER: I would nominate Pam Cremer for vice-chair.

MS. BAILEY: Okay. I’ll nominate Jennifer.

MS. LECURU: She’s not here.

MS CREMER: I’ll second that.

MS. LECURU: Just a note, Jennifer is not here. And with her work a lot of times she’s not able to attend. Not that it’s -- but Elaine is chair, so just some notes.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: Have you been chair, Donna?

MS. COPP: I have a question. You asked who has not been vice-chair.

MS. BAILEY: I did.

MS. COPP: And, Donna, have you been? You’ve gone through --

MS. BAILEY: Oh, Donna and I have been vice and chair many times.

MS. SAWYER: I’ve been vice-chair and chairman numerous times.

MS. COPP: Okay. Okay. Thank you.

MS. LECURU: So, you have two nominations.

MS. BAILEY: So, we have two nominations –

MS. LECURU: And no seconds.

MS. BAILEY: And so we’ll vote. Do we vote? What do we do?

MS. CREMER: I’ll do it.

MR. HOLMAN: If there’s no second, the motion will fail.

MS. COPP: I second. I second the motion. I’m sorry. I thought it was seconded.

MS. LECURU: You said second the motion of?

MR. HOLMAN: Of who?

MS. LECURU: Of which member?

MR. HOLMAN: Which one?

MS. LECURU: Jennifer or Pam.

MS. COPP: Of Pam.

MS. BAILEY: Okay. All those in favor of Pam as vice chair say aye.


MS. BAILEY: Pam is our new vice-chair. (Motion passes 5-0). So, do I turn the meeting over now, or do I finish this meeting out? Okay.

MS. LECURU: You can turn it over.

MS. BAILEY: Elaine.


MS. COPP: Okay. On the Discussion Items, Number 2, Clear Creek Benefit District.

MR. HOLMAN: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director. At the December 14th City Council meeting, the Council approved a benefit district. The benefit district is here as you see on the map has been outlined as right here. It’s for development and the City will put in a road, but then the development and the homes will be assessed a fee to pay back the benefit district. So, businesses and homes and developers will be assessed a fee to put in the road. It is a $5.2 million road, so it should spur development up from Clare to K-7, and then from Clear Creek Parkway up to 57th Street. This will also have a recreational trail on it, so that’s the reason I brought it to the Park Board.

Right down here you’ll see is Clear Creek Trail. And the map doesn’t show, but it goes under, you know where it stops underneath K-7. Well, now it will be picked up, it will come around and hook on -- to Clear Creek Parkway and then head all the way over to Clare. So, we will have a recreational trail that will go all the way from K-7 to Clare now. So, that’s a nice added trail to the plan. Hopefully I explained that right,

Any questions on that?

MS. CREMER: How does that trail get paid for? Is that part of the benefit money?


MS. CREMER: Oh, well that is good.


MS. CREMER: I mean it’s paid for by –

MR. HOLMAN: Parks and Pipes doesn’t have to pay for it. This is a benefit district, so it was designed, whatever that facility is, and that’s what the developer has to put in. So, we’ve had that in our system for a long time. It’s been on our bike and trail master plan. And so now the opportunity has come up that we’ve got a person that want’s to develop it and they’re putting together a layout and they’re going to bring it to the to the Planning Commission. And so from that, we’re going to get a new road, Clear Creek Parkway, along with a trail. Now these other like Gleason and Belmont over here, as the subdivision develops and how it all lays out, then those roads will be brought in.

MS. COPP: I have a question on the -- back here where you say that the bike trail or walking trail will go underneath K-7. That bridge that they put over that, was there not any pedestrian area on that bridge? No?


MS. COPP: Foot traffic on that bridge. Was it just a two lane on your bridge?

MR. HOLMAN: Oh, on Clear Creek? No, there’s a sidewalk on there.

MS. COPP: Okay.

MS. BAILEY: On the bridge there is?


MS. COPP: Well, I don’t know.

MS. LECURU: I don’t –

MR. HOLMAN: I thought there was

(Talking off microphone)

MR. HOLMAN: But I’m pretty sure it has a sidewalk from the roundabout.

MS. LECURU: Yeah. There is a –

MR. HOLMAN: There is a sidewalk that goes that way. Any other questions?

MS. COPP: Thank you Neil.


MS. COPP: Number 3, Exercise, oh, the exercise results.

MS. LECURU: All right. Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks and Recreation Director. And thank you for everyone who participated in December with the exercise that we did, trying to do the prioritization of the different events that we have. Again, just to kind of recap on that, this is just the start of a process. Our staff is going to do this, the same thing later this month to input from there. And just because something is on the top of the list or the bottom of the list, doesn’t mean that it’s gone or something like that, it’s just helping us to see where we’re spending our time and if we’re spending it in the right places and if there’s anything we can do to adjust how we do things and make sure that we’re reaching everybody that we hope to be reaching and where our holes are, so we can help fill those in.

So, the top sheet that you have there has the 15 different events that we discussed, and a score there. If something was listed multiple times or was a duplicate within somebody’s stack there that’s why the number is red, just so people could see how they were passed and how they weren’t passed. Some were, some weren’t. Just to give you an idea of that.

The interesting part to me was the comments that you all made. And so the next few pages, next three pages will recap that and will show the different things. So, it’s good for us to know who, you know, who knows about the programs, what do they know about the programs, your impression of what’s going on, so to look at that, people who enjoy going, people who don’t enjoy going to certain things and why they don’t. So, that makes us a little bit more aware as when we’re planning things and promoting things to make sure that we’re reaching people correctly.

And then it was nice having the student who was there. He had seen five, or knew about five of the fifteen activities. So, that younger generation, how are we going to reach those and things like that.

But some really great information’s that we’re going to be using this, gathering it from other groups. Like I said, our staff will be doing it later in this month. We also did this exercise with the supervisors at the Civic Centre at their Christmas meeting or their December meeting and it was interesting to see the people who were answering the phones and then who are giving information, what they know about it and how they can describe and promote the programs. So, it shows us where we have some education necessary for our staff to make sure that we’re doing those correctly. Anyway, just real brief this time and as we get all the information compiled from all the different organizations as we move forward I’ll be bringing information back to you as we progress with it. So, any questions? And again for those benefit that weren’t here last month, these are ones that are department based and department managed, so as opposed to the other events that we participate in.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Tonya. What she was referring to the young man that was there, I believe his girlfriend was actually supposed to be there for community services, and he was there in her place. But he was quite an enlightening young gentleman and had some pretty good input too.


MS. COPP: Okay. Next on the agenda is Member Reports. I would like to congratulate the City or the maintenance or whoever remodeled this beautiful facility. It’s gorgeous. Thank you, City.



MS. COPP: Staff reports, Director’s report, Neil.

MR. HOLMAN: Yes. Just three things that we’re kind of working on right now. Connect Shawnee. We’ve got TransSystems working on the plans and so we will -- start -- as soon as they get those in, we will start reviewing those and we would like to get those in pretty soon so we can start removing the trees -- that’s probably the biggest thing right now is the tree removal, and that is because since it’s federal funding right now we have to worry about the Northern Small-Eared Bat. And so we can remove trees when the bats go to the caves. We can remove them from November to April and then from any time after that, they nest in the bark and so we’re unable to -- with federal money we’re unable to remove trees in those projects. So, the tree removal is kind of a timely, kind of an important task during this winter.

We have met on the Neiman Corridor study, which is going well, and the Linking Shawnee, the trail to Merriam. And hopefully we’ll get a little bit more information and then be able to bring those two projects to you to show where we’re at on that. But right now we’re just in a kind of developing stage right now with some of the committees and the residents. So that’s it, any questions?


MS. COPP: Thank you Neil. Number 2, Parks Report. Ramie.

MR. DeGRAEVE: Good evening. Had somewhat of a busy late fall, early winter. Right now we’re in the middle of removing all of our Christmas decorations, and as you can tell some of the snowflakes on Shawnee Mission Parkway are coming down. The weather change as of yesterday has kind of slowed that down, but we hope to have them all down here in the next week or so. They’re forecasting more snow this weekend, so we’re just kind of playing it by ear.

We are working on getting some bids for equipment for 2016. We’re looking at getting a new utility vehicle for trail maintenance and special events and snow removal and a new truck body for a current truck we’ll be receiving from Public Works. It’ll help us with tree operations and special events. We’ll have a portable dumpster. We’ll actually have three different beds that you can hook onto and switch it out for different tasks. So, rather than have three trucks to do three different jobs, you’ll have one truck that can do three or four different jobs. So, have a dumb bed, a trash body, and then a leaf body. So, pretty excited about that.

Started working with a contractor to do some upgrades at Gum Springs. I don’t know if any of you have seen like Garrett Park or Stump Park, but some of the upgrades with foul poles and roots on the dugouts and things like that, we’ll be starting those upgrades again here when the weather gets a little better at Gum, so we’re excited about that. We’ve had really good reviews from people renting the ballfields on those upgrades so we’ll be starting that.

Working our landscape design already, planning out what flowers are going to go where so we can get the growers growing them. Working with Neil to get his final stamp of approval on colors and schemes, where we’re going to take care of the -- what we’re going to put at the Neiman Fountain, City Hall, Shawnee Town and Veterans.

Recently just installed auto lockers at Garrett Park. I think I’ve talked about them at different times. We did get a set of auto lockers installed in the restrooms. Basically the locks are on a timer that will allow entry during park hours. After park hours it will automatically lock down to keep people out after hours. It’ll help with vandalism and other maintenance issues, so excited about that.

Erfurt Park punch list, we’ve got just a few things we’re going to wrap up at Erfurt. We need to get a Rules and Reg sign up and just some small things in the landscaping, again working with Neil. We’re going to probably plant around 20 or 30 trees starting this spring when the ground thaws back out. So, I’ve got a few more things to touch up Erfurt and keep moving it along. If anybody’s been out there lately the pond is completely full, looks really good, so very excited about that.

Snow removal of course, got our first taste of that last week. We’ve converted to a liquid calcium chloride mixture. For what it’s worth, we used to use regular calcium chlorides and stuff that would turn to like butter when it would thaw out the ice and you’d track it into the buildings and everything. It tended to be a little wasteful, very expensive, but kind of instant ice melt, so very important with the public buildings to use that material to, you know, prevent slips and falls and all that. So, we’ve gone to a liquid version of that. We’ve reduced our usage by about 50 percent. It’s helping a lot with the tracking into the buildings and tearing up the carpet and helping with maintenance, so that’s going well.

I will be attending the STMA Conference, the Sports Turf Managers conference in San Diego at the end of this month with Darryl Thompson. Basically just education on sports fields, sports field management, equipment, and just different educational opportunities for sports turf.

Lastly, our big thing is cemetery repairs. This is going to be something that goes on for a long time. As you know we have two cemeteries on Quivira we maintain. Over the years headstones and everything have just started to settle and lean and just from shear time taken its toll on the appearance of the cemetery. So, the guys have been working pretty diligently when the weather is nice as far as leveling out headstones. They redid the Shawnee cemetery sign right along Quivira, cleaned it all up and got it restored back up to new condition. Going to be a project that goes on a long time. A lot of headstones, a lot of old head stones, but definitely been worthwhile. And that’s about it. Anybody have any questions?

MS. CREMER: I just wanted to kind of follow up on last month’s, remember the two couple that came and talked about that little park at 71st and Nieman?

MR. HOLMAN: Listowel Park.
MS. CREMER: Yeah. Did that all get taken care of?

MR DeGRAEVE: We’ve started doing some repairs there. We are working on the playground. Neil and I went and looked at it after that meeting. We’re changing the design a little bit to make it a little more open. As far as drainage issues and things, I know -- I wasn’t here, but I know there was discussion about nature play and the way the rocks were set up around it and all that, so we’re not eliminating all that. We are tweaking it a little bit. Making it, you know, I don’t know what the term would be, not necessarily more user friendly just different. Again, it’s more aesthetics I guess than anything. There were some issues that we’ve taken care of with some gaps in the rocks and different things. But Neil has got our new sea serpent sitting at our shop. If you’re familiar West Flanders, there’s a sea serpent at the playground at West Flanders. Listowel will be getting one of those. So that’s part of our addition and changes on that playground is adding that. We’ll be increasing the rubber play area there and plugging that in. So, we are working on that. But the weather, again, a lot of it’s dealt with excavation and things of that nature, so we’re kind of at a standstill right now, but we are working to change a few of the things that needed to be upgraded or tweaked.

MS. CREMER: How about that monarch thing in the bat houses or any of that, has anybody contacted you on that? Boy Scouts or whoever?

MR. HOLMAN: We are looking at doing the Monarch butterfly deal and I got Stormwater to look at doing what area we’ve always wanted to do it, kind of a water garden type thing in that drainage area anyway All of the sudden I’m getting flooded with Girl Scout, wanting to earn their gold star. It’s kind of like the Boy Scout eagle projects. So, probably going to set up a meeting with some of them and they’re going to start growing plugs. And then in the spring, because we have such a great luck in the spring, we’ll take a section of that and plant that in the different kinds of milkweeds and some of those other –

MR. DeGRAEVE: Well, like what you saw at Erfurt –


MR. DeGRAEVE: -- the fields Erfurt, ideally that’s the perfect condition for Monarch butterflies. And I mean we had awesome success with that, so it’ll model something like that. You know, something that’s lower maintenance that serves both purposes basically. So, it should be really pretty.

MR. HOLMAN: Yes. I’ve been e-mailing, them and so we’re going to set up a meeting.

MS. CREMER: And you fixed the slide? It had a hole in the slide.

MR. HOLMAN: We haven’t fixed it yet because we just got the parts in.


MR. HOLMAN: We just spent $11,000 on panels and stuff like that. But you know I do want to say again that this is on a rotation.


MR. HOLMAN: And the monies that are in the playground replacement for the upgrades was set for next year. We started a little early and now unfortunately, you know, now no one can use the playground because the weather caught us and we were trying to really push it and we didn’t make it. So, now we’ll have to wait till next year until we can get in and pour the concrete. Do the curb, pour the concrete, especially the rubber. It’s temperature sensitive, so we’ll have to wait on that. That’ll be a springtime deal and then we can do the panels and all that. But it should look like, a new playground.
MS. COPP: I think it was a nice gesture that you guys got right onto that project and that hopefully those neighbors see that there’s some things being done and you guys are working together with them.

MR. DeGRAEVE: Well, and like the slide, we try to stay on top of that stuff the best we can through inspections and things, and you know.

MS. COPP: Right. I did have another question. In your report you were talking about Garrett Park and the safety locks in the bathrooms. Do you have those in any other parks?

MR. DeGRAEVE: We will be phasing them into all of them eventually. Garrett was the one we felt like would have the most impact right out of the gate to help us. So, really we haven’t a chance to test it yet. Jeff just got it online about the first of December and of course all the restrooms are closed right now. So, bar any hiccups come springtime, you know, if we have any issues or anything, we’re going to plan on probably going to West Flanders next and we’re probably just based on really use, our higher use parks is where we’re going to start implementing it first is kind of our process, so. And then on another note I left off on the playground subject, I can’t believe I did, but Douglas Highlands, the rubber surface was completely installed there and done through a 50/50 grant with KDHE, so we should be receiving $5,000 back from them here in the next few weeks. It’s about a $10,000 project, a 50/50 grant, so it’s been completely renovated. And again, it goes into what Neil is saying, you know, we have a program where we go through based on age and then safety and just general deterioration as we go through and upgrade and make those significant repairs, so.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


MS. COPP: Number 3, Shawnee Town 1929 Report. Charlie.

MR. PAUTLER: Hello everybody. We’ve been busy at Shawnee Town this winter. The first item is the Strategic Plan. It’s a ten-year plan we’ve been working on really the last year. I just started writing it about three months ago and it’s in its final, almost final form. I will be presenting it to the Park Board in the February meeting, so look forward to that. And then Neil will do a dramatic reading of the Strategic Plan. But we will -- I presented it to the Friends of Shawnee Town, I’ve presented it to the staff, I’ve presented it to leadership. We’re going to make a few more revisions and then we’ll present it to you in February and it will go before Council Committee in March.

So, we’re also working on the Shawnee Town budget looking at how we’ve spent the last three years since I’ve been there and formulating our budget requests for this year coming up. And I’ll be working with Neil and Tonya and the finance department on that.

We have come up with a calendar of events for this year for all of our programs, both mission-based and community-based programs. So, that will be going to be -- the brochure will be designed probably in the next couple weeks and then it will hit the streets probably by late January we’ll have that brochure available.

And we are going to be hiring a museum interpreter. That ad, the posting went up today and it’s a thousand hour a year job working with programs, working with school kids, working with mission and community-based events. So, it will be a staff position and we hope to hire that in mid-February.

We are busy recruiting our volunteers for this season, adding more to our committed loyal volunteers that we’ve had for many years. So, hopefully we’ll be able to recruit some key people to help augment our staffing.

And we’re designing three new school programs this winter and spring. One for the grocery store, one for the barber shop, and one for the school house and those programs will be about an hour and a half in length. So, those will be interchangeable with groups that want to spend some time at the farmstead then they’ll swap. So we can give them a broad museum field trip experience.

So, those are the high points of what we’re working on right now. Our next Friends newsletter, we’re working on that, that will go out in the next two or three weeks so we’re each writing an article on that. So, any questions?

MS. COPP: Thank you, Charlie.

MR. PAUTLER: Thank you.

MS. COPP: I’m sorry I overlooked. Tonya, did you have anything to report in the Director’s report?

MS. LECURU: You want me to do it now? Okay.

MS. COPP: Why don’t you go ahead?

MS. LECURU: Just a few things, just a quick update. As you said, Elaine, this facility has been redone and it looks great. Part of the remodel for this room was the new chairs. And with that we also ordered 500 new chairs for the Civic Centre and those were delivered on Monday. And the Parks staff and the Civic Centre staff got together and unloaded a full semi of chairs and carts and they’re ready to go. They’re not the nice soft ones like we have upstairs or like they have at Shawnee Town that unfortunately space did not allow us to store that many the way they’re stored downstairs and the time to set those up is greater than these type of chairs. So anyway, we do have new chairs there, it looks really nice so you can see those.

I’m working on PRORAGIS, again as I talked about, which is our data-driven research that we’re doing of all of the departments and the divisions within the Parks and Rec and that will help us benchmark against other agencies and part of our accreditation requirements. So that is taking some time right now and all of the divisions have been great about providing information. And once, I think I said we were working on 2014 to kind of give us that baseline and we knew that data was already together that we had so we could get started on it. We’ll complete that. And then in February/March we’ll start gathering 2015. But once 2014 is complete, we’ll be bringing that just to kind of give you an idea of the information that we’re looking for and how we plan on using it in the future.

Baseball field rentals have opened for coaches to sign up for the lottery. So, if you know of anyone who is looking for baseball field rentals in the City of Shawnee, as long as their team has 50 percent Shawnee residents they’re welcome to submit their roster to the Civic Centre. It’s a $5 application fee. And in mid-February we’ll be doing a lottery draw and assigning those. People are ready to get out there and start practicing baseball.

And the final thing is Cinderella’s Ball, which is now the Royal Ball, is February 5th and 6th. Registrations are down this year. We made some changes to the program and it’s an individual registration rather than a couple registration. We are no longer doing a dinner, but we are doing a desert bar and appetizer type food, snack type food just to appeal to what the kids were actually eating and doing and hopefully having no red sauce down the front of the white lace dress right before the pictures. So, we’ll hope for that. So, there’s some changes that have been made and so we’re trying to adjust to those to make sure that -- and these changes were also made through evaluations and surveys that we did after the event, what people like, what they don’t like, what they were looking for. And we had so many folks who weren’t actually coming to the dinner, they were going out for dinner prior to and then coming and so they were later. So, we were trying to adjust it and grow and we’ll move forward and learn from this year’s event. But with that being said we do need volunteers for the coat room, for photography, for anything else people would like to volunteer for. So, if anybody is available Friday and/or Saturday evening, the event starts at 6:30 and it is over at 9:00 and we would welcome you for any amount of that time that you could provide, so just let me know. Thank you, any questions?

MS. COPP: What’s the date again?

MS. LECURU: Friday, February 5th or Saturday, February 6th.

MS. COPP: And was there a discussion that they were going to maybe stop having the Cinderella Ball or have you just changed the name of it?

MS. LECURU: It’s an update. We’ve talked about different ways to adjust it. We always wait till the very last minute. Friday usually fills, but we were trying to make some changes and to be more aware of all the princesses and not just Cinderella. We have a lot more Elsa’s and Anna’s and other princesses so it was kind of an opportunity to take this time and do it. And our princesses that will be there, as they have been in the past, will be Elsa, Anna, and Cinderella will be there again this year as well for photos and things like that. But we talked about combining it just to one evening. Probably this would have been the year to do it with major changes but we went ahead and did the two nights and so we will continue with that this year and make adjustments as we move forward.

MS. COPP: Did the price stay the same?

MS. LECURU: It is $20 per person this time rather than $40 per couple, so yeah.

MR. EHRLICH: Tonya, you said that the appeal, or the registration was less. In the past, I know it was just always overflowing. What do you think the change? Why the change?

MS. LECURU: The registrations have over the years become later and later before they fill up. We used to fill up -- and if you didn’t sign up in November you didn’t get a ticket for February. And then that’s when we went to the two nights and things and the urgency doesn’t seem to be there as much and some people do tend to wait longer to register. And then every organization, church, school, gym, fraternal organization has a daddy-daughter date night at this point. And so I think there’s just a lot of other opportunities of folks that are doing it. Chick-Fil-A, if you’d like, Chick-Fil-A does a Cinderella or a daddy daughter-date night. So, it’s a corporate – it’s corporate sponsored, I don’t know if they do it here, but it is -- when I was searching for daddy-daughter date nights, I mean the top five choices that came up were Chick-Fil-A.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: And Chili’s. Chili’s does it.

MS. LECURU: Okay. So, Lifetime Fitness does one. And all the other cities around us do one as well. They do arts and crafts and luaus and just different things, so.

MR. EHRLICH: A question I have. The calling it daddy-daughter, I don’t think it was referred to as daddy-daughter [inaudible], was it?

MS. LECURU: It was Cinderella, yeah, daddy-daughter night at Cinderella’s ball, so.

MR. EHRLICH: Okay. Then I stand corrected. I had thought maybe that would not exclude people, but perhaps not encourage uncles.

MS. LECURU: The only people we would want to exclude would be mothers or females, so. But the way it’s written its open to significant dad, you know, male role models, so dads, uncles, grandparents, brothers, cousins, the neighbors.

MR. EHRLICH: Thank you.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Tonya.

MS LECURU: Thanks Elaine.


MS. COPP: Number 4, Aquatics Report. Sean.

MR. KEENAN: Hello everyone. Good evening. We had the holiday social on December 23rd this last month and we had 70 returning employees who want to sign on for another fun season with the Shawnee Aquatics, so we’re pretty excited about that. That being said, we did have quite a few individuals who graduated college and moved on this last year, so we are actually going to be in an aggressive hiring mode the next couple of months. We’re going to be -- we’re looking to fill 70 positions. Fortunately we have filled all of our management positions. We did conduct interviews over the past two weeks, took advantage of those college students coming back for the winter break. So, if you know anyone who is ages 16 or older for interested in lifeguarding or doing concessions, we are going to be hiring those positions and they are actually open on the City’s website. We did adjust the age for the swim instructor down to 15. We do want to still provide an opportunity for the younger age group, you know, we’re looking for individuals with swim experience, so if you know any kids or grandkids or neighbors that are interested in looking for summer positions we are actively hiring. And that is pretty much going to be the next few months of our life is interviewing and training. So, any questions? Thank you.

MS. COPP: Thank you Sean.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number 5, Recreation Report.

MS. KINKAID: Hello. I will start with, I was not here in December. You guys might remember, I’m sure you missed me. I was at the LERN conference in New Orleans. LERN is the Learning Resources Network. It’s about continuing education and recreation and thinks like that. So, I got some new ideas for some new classes, new marketing ideas. I tried to go to a lot of things about how to market your programs. So that was a good time, learned a few things.

January, we are focusing, I am focusing, on my health and fitness classes because that’s what a lot of people are focusing on in January. Kind of getting the word out there on those. As everybody knows we’ve had a lot of gyms come to Shawnee in recent years so there’s a lot more options for fitness classes and we have seen a decline in our fitness programs. There’s just a lot of places you can go get fitness classes. So I’ve been working actually with our health coordinator here for the City, Pascal, on different health-based programs that we can offer as opposed to just fitness classes. The gyms offer fitness classes, but not nutrition classes and weight loss classes and things like that, so we’re -- I’m trying to push those forward and get some people to sign up for those so we’ve got a bunch of those coming up.

And I am working on summer, because isn’t that what you do? After the New Year you work on summer. So, I’m contacting instructors, see who’s coming back, and see if we can get some new people in there for summer camps again. Summer camp, summer camp, summer camp. Been working on that.

And I have been working also on -- do you guys receive our monthly e-mails? If not, you should go to the City website and sign up so that you can get all of our e-mails. We send out monthly e-mails and then also e-mails in between. An example would be for Santa Zumba. We sent out a special e-mail letting people know that Santa Zumba was coming up. We are up -- we started sending out monthly Recreate Shawnee newsletters in September and since then we’re up 67 new subscribers without really advertising to subscribe. I’ve got some Facebook posts that we’re going to be doing to let people know that they need to subscribe to the e-mail so that they get it. Hopefully we can put it in the next brochure to subscribe, things like that but we have not actively asked people to come and subscribe to our e-mail. It’s just if they happened to be on the website and they subscribe to e-mails they can click I want to get Recreation e-mails as well.” So up 67, I mean for not trying is good enough. We have about a 47 or 48.7 percent open rate, meaning almost half the people that get our e-mails are opening them. So another thing I’d like to keep it that high, so fingers crossed, we keep sending out good stuff that people open and look at.

Another thing we’re doing this year, is we’re offering one freebie a month. You only know what that free class is if you receive that monthly newsletter. You open it up, you can see what it is. If it’s something you’re interested in, you can register. There are limited spaces this month. That class is Morning Mix, Lori has been with us for quite a while. She has a great class on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 8:00 a.m. It’s a fitness class. She’s doing a freebie for us on Tuesday, January 26, but you do have to register in advance and there are spaces limited. So, only e-mail subscribers are going to get that information if they want to sign up for that class. We’ll be offering classes for all age groups, arts, personal enrichment, and children, senior. We want to make sure that everybody gets a chance to try something with us, so it’s kind of our way, you know, subscribe to our newsletter and come try our classes because we think they’re good.

Our newsletters have monthly highlights and upcoming classes. One of the things that I see most of the people clicking on in our e-mails is we just do a quick short list on the left of any classes that start that month. I get a lot of people that I’m assuming are taekwondo people. I get a lot of clicks on the taekwondo classes, so it’s kind of a nice reminder for them to get, oh, yeah, I need to re-register my child for that class or myself. Just a chance you may see the title for a class and want to try it out, so that works out well for me as well. Any questions?

MS. COPP: Thank you Kate.

MS. BAILEY: Kate, can I ask you a quick question?


MS. BAILEY: The health and fitness that you’re looking at venturing kind of into the more heal side of that. And I’ve, forgive me if it’s in there and I didn’t see it, but have we ever thought about doing any type of disease management classes? Like focusing on diabetes, hypertension, those things that are really big targets for people in our communities and a high level education maybe? Like that side of the health and fitness?

MS. KINKAID: Yeah. We do not currently, but I love that idea and will absolutely look into putting that in there as well. But no, we don’t currently have anything like you said, that high level disease management type classes, but I think that’s a great idea. Okay. Yeah. Will do. Thank you. Anybody else?

MS. COPP: Thank you.

MS. LECURU: All right. I just want to add, so nobody nodded their head that they got our newsletter online? Okay. So, Rebecca is the only one who can sign up for the free class because she’s the only one that’s supposed to know that?

MS. COPP: Well, I heard about it today.

MS. LECURU: But I would encourage each of you to be -- have that newsletter sent to you. Kate does it every month and it is awesome. It is a really good -- it’s fun. There’s just good information that’s there and you might learn something new that you didn’t know about. So, thanks.

MR. EHRLICH: How would the general population know of this?

MS. LECURU: Okay. If you go to cityofshawnee.org, our main City’s website, on the left hand side it’ll say subscribe, e-subscribe I believe. But anyway, it’s on the left-hand side. You’ll click on that and it gives an option. You can get agendas emailed to you which would actually be this agenda could be e-mailed to you too if you select that. And then any time of notice to bid and those type of things as well, and then obviously recreation-based activities and programs. Oh, look at there, go to cityofshawnee.org, right there on the left side e-subscribe. Oh, actually we have this computer set up right over here and as you exit this evening, just stop by and fill it in. See, one stop shop just for you guys.

MS. KINKAID: I’m going to up to 71 new e-mails.

MS. LECURU: New emails. But, Kate, how many do you have? There are more than that on the --

MS. KINKAID: Yeah. That’s just new.

MS. LECURU: That’s just new since you started with this program because there’s a reason for people to get that information now, so.

MS. KINKAID: Our January e-mail, which went out this Monday went out to 321 separate e-mails. I did have five which bounced backed which could mean that they’re invalid or their inbox is full or something like that, so I probably need to clean that list up, but five isn’t a bad number, yeah.

MS. LECURU: So, three something?

MS. KINKAID: Three twenty-one.

MS. LECURU: So, 321. So, when we’re getting the 40, almost 50 percent open rate, that’s a good number of people who are hearing directly from us, from Kate, every month.

MS. KINKAID: It’s more timely information. You only get your brochure every three months and this way at least once a month you get more info.

MS. COPP: Okay. Thank you.


MS. COPP: Is there any other questions or comments or business? Then I say we adjourn.

MS. BAILEY: I motion to adjourn.

MS. SAWYER: I’ll second the motion.

MS. COPP: All those in favor, aye.


MS. COPP: Motion passes. (Motion passes 5-0)

(Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Adjourned at 6:27 p.m.)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das January 25, 2016

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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