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October 1, 2015
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Elaine CoppDeputy Parks & Recreation Director Lecuru
Peter EhrlichRecreational Specialist Keenan
Donna SawyerShawnee Town 1929 Director Pautler
Denise Shannon
Jennifer Riggs
Pam Cremer (arrived late)
Rueshunda Davis
Board Members Absent
Rebecca Bailey
Shelly Fabac
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order at 5:33 p.m.)


MS. COPP: I'd like to call the October 1st Park and Recreation Advisory Board to order. And at this we will have a roll call.

MR. EHRLICH: Peter Ehrlich.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. SHANNON: Denise Shannon.

MS. COPP: Elaine Copp.

MS. RIGGS: Jennifer Riggs.

MS. DAVIS: Rueshunda Davis.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


1. Approval of the August 6, 2015 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Minutes

MS. COPP: Okay. The first order of business is the Consent Items. Approval of the August 6th Park and Recreation Board draft minutes. Has everyone had a chance to read the minutes?

MS. SAWYER: Elaine, I move that we approve the August 6th minutes as they were presented.
MS. COPP: Donna Sawyer has moved. Do I have a second?

MR. EHRLICH: I second.

MS. COPP: Peter Ehrlich. Thank you. Any discussion? All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed? (Motion passes 6-0). Thank you.



MS. COPP: Next on the agenda is the Discussion Items. Number One, introduction of our new Park Board member. I'm probably going to mess up your name, Rueshunda Davis, is that correct?

MS. DAVIS: Rueshunda.

MS. COPP: I'm sorry. Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

MS. DAVIS: Sure. Well, my name is Rueshunda. I've been a resident of Shawnee almost six years now. I have two children. My daughter Rahaini is a senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest, and my son Riley is in fifth grade and he goes to Grace Christian Academy. They are my world and I have joined -- I wanted to be a member of the Parks Board to get more familiar with the parks of Shawnee and the things going on and hopefully get the people in my area more involved and active and just to do my part for Shawnee.

MS. COPP: Well, thank you. Welcome.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number Two is Connect Shawnee Update.

MS. LECURU: Neil is unable to be here this evening. He had family in from out of state, so he sent me his report for me to update. Connect Shawnee, we've talked about it a little bit. They've sent out the RFQs to five KDOT-approved engineering firms. So far they’ve went out to Burns and McDonald, Shafer Kline and Warren, Tran Systems, Continental Consulting Engineers, and George Butler Associates. And all of those RFQs are due back to the City on October 9th to start the review process. So, they'll go through each of those RFQs as they come back. They have a grading or a scoring system that they'll go through based on the requirements specific to these projects, review those, and choose probably the top three of those that return to score as well. And then once those top scores will come back, then they will have interviews before they choose that. So, they were able to get the funding for next year as we talked about a while back about pushing that off, so this will be for 2016 is when we'll start that project.

MS. COPP: Are there any other questions for Tonya on that?


MS. COPP: Okay. We'll move on to Item Number Three, KCMPRDA Park Board Appreciation Dinner.

MS. LECURU: First person who can tell me what all that stands for receives a prize. Not really, but. The Kansas City Metro Parks and Recreation Directors Association. So, I believe some of you might have joined us before in the past, but it's an association of all of the different cities and park directors within the Metropolitan area, and they have a park board member appreciation recognition every year. And they try to do it at a different location. It has a program associated with it and a nice. This year's appreciation banquet will be on Friday, November 20th, and it is going to be at the National World War I Museum and Memorial. The guest speaker will be Matthew Naylor, PhD., President and CEO of the museum memorial, and we would like to invite each of you to join us. We'll get seats for everyone who can attend, but I need some RSVPs before the end of this month.

MS. COPP: Tonya, what time of the day or evening is that?

MS. LECURU: Cocktails and appetizers and entertainment by the Good Sam Club starts at 5:30. Dinner and the program starts at 6:30. And we can meet here at the Civic Centre and car pool if you'd like, or we can -- however that works, but depending upon how many folks are able to join us, but we'd like to invite everybody to attend and stuff. So if you want to check your calendars, see if you are available and we will purchase tickets for that.

MS. COPP: Is that -- what day of the week is that?

MS. LECURU: Friday.

MS. COPP: Friday.

MS. LECURU: November 20th.

MS. COPP: Now, have we ever participated in this before? We have? Oh, okay.

MS. LECURU: We have. We've had it at the zoo.

MS. COPP: Oh, that's right. Okay.

MS. LECURU: I don't believe I've ever been able to attend because it's normally on my son's birthday and it's later in the month this year so. So, anyway, you have some time, but if you can let me know maybe in the next two weeks because that way I can get the tickets.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


MS. COPP: On to Agenda D, Member Reports. Any board member have anything they’d like to -- Donna?

MS. SAWYER: I would like to commend the Parks and Rec staff for a fabulous Bar-B-Q this year, again this year. I think from my perspective everything went flawlessly, it was a very smooth event. Lots of fun and a lot of great people there. So, you guys did a great job. Thank you.

MS. COPP: Anyone else? I know that that Sunday afternoon it didn't even look there had been a big festival there. There wasn't any trash or anything, so I ditto that. Okay.



MS. COPP: Okay. E Staff Reports. Director’s Report.

MS. LECURU: Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Parks Director. On the screen up here are photos from this afternoon, I mean hot off the press. This is what the park looks like, so those of you who could join us last month out there at Erfurt Part, it's amazing at how much its changed in just daily, you go out there and they're getting some improvements. This is the nature play area, this one here is the sand area, but the pictures that are going, they just keep adding to them. So, they're finishing the roofing. So, as you look through these during the meeting, if anyone has questions specific about them, please just ask.

But basically Parks and Rec right now, the whole department in some way or form is working at Erfurt Park to reach our goal of next Saturday, a week from this Saturday, October 10th for the dedication of the park.
So anyway, October 10th. Everyone should have received an invitation by mail. Everyone received that? Got that. Yeah. I know you got it some place. Got that and then also had an invitation for the lunch following the ceremony, so please RSVP, I think to Kandie is who is -- that says on there, or myself, just let me know and I'll give her a total number. And everybody is invited to bring a guest if you’d like. So, just if you'd RSVP yea-nay, that'll help us kind of move forward. But we are expecting those. So, that's where everyone is working at this point.

Also working with our veterans. Our Veterans Day committee, we started meeting today. November 11th for that event. So, we're at 4 o'clock at the Civic Centre. So, get ready for that. Put that on your calendar as well.

Also coming up this weekend is Oktoberfest at the Civic Centre, and Shawnee Town will be there doing kids activities as well.

Next weekend, October 17th at Garrett Park is NeighborWood. We'll be giving away a hundred trees to the first 100 Shawnee families that come out. So, if anyone is available to help volunteer that morning by taking registrations, manning the food table, those kinds of things, let me know. It starts at 9 o'clock but people will be there bright and early, so we try to get there by 8 o'clockish because people will line up and want to get going on that.

That same day a little bit later they're also dedicating the Monticello Historical Society is dedicating a sign at Garrett Park, too. So, if you want to hang out at Garrett Park all day, we've got fun things going on.

Then the next weekend, October 24th, we have our craft fair, the Holiday Treasures Craft Festival at the Civic Centre from 9 to 4. And that same day we have Historical Hauntings.

So, a few things to do in October. We'd love to see you at any and all of those. Those are all coming up this month and in November.

MS. COPP: Did anyone have any questions for Tonya? Okay. Aquatics Report, Sean. Oh, I’m sorry.

MS. LECURU: I did.

MS. COPP: Okay.

MS. LECURU: As Donna said, we had a great event at the Bar-B-Q contest, and I want to thank all the volunteers who helped us with the Bar-B-Q contest. Donna and Denise, you guys are awesome, and our sponsors. Also Mattes Appraisal was one of our sponsors this year. But it was a very good event. Very well attended and you know we had the Friends of Shawnee Town Craft Fair the weekend before ours, before the Bar-B-Q contest. And the Bar-B-Q contest, and as you said, you can look at the park and you can hardly tell there's been 10,000 people there in the last two weeks.


MS. COPP: Okay. Sean.

MR. KEENAN: Sean Keenan, Recreation Specialist, Aquatics. I am here as promised to give up the end of your numbers for the aquatics centers this season. As we know, obviously we have a little bit of a rough start the beginning of June, well actually end of May, beginning of June, with all the rain. We had a few weeks of nonstop rain. However, surprisingly it really did not adversely affect our numbers as much as it could have.

So, the final attendance for the season between the two facilities was 99,461 for just recreational open general swim. In regards to our swim lessons, we had 1,621 students that went through our swim lessons program. We had a little bit over 44 through our dive lessons program, which kind of feeds into our swim and dive team. So, between the swim and dive team, our pre-competitive, our competitive, and our dive team we had 243 swimmers this season. We had a little bit of a growth there and we hope to see that kind of continue on. In regards to that, and we've had a little bit of a development within the past month for the Johnson County Swim and Dive League. We all voted to add a ninth team, so Leawood will now be in the Johnson County Swim and Dive League so that's actually going to be exciting for next year.

So in regards to revenue. Again, with the rough weather it definitely could have been much worse. I was actually very surprised. This season, as of right now, total revenues were only down around $10,000. So, you know, what with -- between the season passes and the daily admissions, we did see season passes decrease because obviously there wasn't that rush to get season passes the entire month of June because it was like 60-65 degrees and it was raining for the first two to three weeks. So, we did see an increase, however, in daily admission. So, those that did not get season passes chose to obviously offset that and pay for the daily admission. And so, you know, that obviously fluctuates with weather and with good conditions, and so I would foresee that next season that won't be as much of an issue. That being said, last season was very -- we had adverse weather conditions as well. It was cold and we had a mild start then and I thought that was the worst it could get. However, at this point last season we were at a 19 percent subsidy; however, this year we are only at a 17 percent subsidy for the entire operating budget. That I would equate to obviously the largest portion of our budget is labor, so whenever we could make cuts we made cuts. When the facility wasn't able to be open because of temperature, when it was below 70 degrees, we did not open the facility because nobody would have come, or actually people probably would have come, but for their safety we did not open the facility for the select few. And then, of course, you know we had other cost saving reasons. One of which was one of our facilities, we went ahead and changed the chemical system that we used over there and we were able to see quite a bit of savings in that area as well.

So, pretty much again, you know, going forward we're going to start hiring starting at the end of -- well, actually mid-December, we will start to rehire our staff and then in January we'll start the process all over again. So, anybody have any questions? Thank you.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Sean. I just want to put for the record Pam Cramer came in here a couple minutes late, so make sure she's on the roll call.


MS. COPP: Okay. Number Three, Shawnee Town 1929. Charlie.

MR. PAUTLER: Hello everyone. Charlie Pautler. I'm the director at Shawnee Town 1929. It's been a busy year for us, October has -- nope. October hasn't happened yet. September has been especially busy. We had a very good craft fair two weeks ago and we had our biggest attendance yet. So, we had 5,400 people that attended and last year was a record for us and we had 3,700 people come. So, it was really good. The Friends of Shawnee Town are the sponsors of that event.
So, while you all are enjoying your Erfurt Park dedication on October 10th, we will be having sausage making on the farm at Shawnee Town and we will be making beer. So, you need to figure out where you're going to be that day. Where would you rather --

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: You're making your [inaudible].

MR. PAUTLER: Well, with ours you'll have to come back six weeks later and then drink the beer, so. But we have Oktoberfest coming up, as Tonya said, this Friday. We've got kids activities that we are in charge of starting at 5:30 at the Civic Centre upstairs.

And let's see, school programs we have through the end of October while we're open. We had a very strong May, starting in April and May, June and then September and October, we continue with school programs. So, this is our best year yet for school programs. We have the German contingent that are coming over from the sister city. They're going through Shawnee Town on a tour on the 8th before the dedication on the 10th. We have home school day. We have really expanded that. We used to do a pretty large version of that in years past and then we -- since our refocus in the 1920s interpreting that, we've really started that again. So, offering our educational programs to people that do home school. So, we have two dates for that, October 9th and October 19th at Shawnee Town. And October 9th is proving to be huge. I think we have about 400 people signed up so far for that. The 16th is kind of our spill-over day, so we'll be offering it then as well.

Let's see, I talked about the beer class. And Historical Hauntings is coming up. That's our big event, our Halloween-themed event. It's not too scary, so it provides a safe place for small children to come and trick-or-treat. The friends of Shawnee Town will have a booth there this year with our historic Nash automobile, so they'll be giving out candy as well. So, that will be October 24th.

And I think that's all I have for now. It's proving to be a very busy fall. And then, of course, we have the Christmas event coming up the first Saturday in December. Okay. Thank you.

MS. COPP: Thank you Charlie.


MS. COPP: Are there any other questions or anything else anyone would like to comment on?

MS. LECURU: I just wanted to go over that this room itself is undergoing a renovation. So, with the next Park Board Agenda and information that will come out, please make note of that. If it lists that it’s still -- if it’s going to be at the Civic Centre or if it's still going to be here. So, we're still not sure what the start date on the construction here. We’ll be meeting tomorrow with our team and get some more schedules knocked out and stuff. So, they hope for the room to be down for less than two months, six weeks, so it would only affect one of our meetings at this point. So, we hope to start the new year in a new room.

MS. COPP: What will the City Council do during that construction? Will they be still meeting in here?

MS. LECURU: No. This room will be closed once we start construction.

MS. COPP: Okay. They'll be meeting at the Civic Centre.

MS. LECURU: They’ll be moving them to the Justice Center because of the equipment they have that's available for meeting space. Most meetings will be moving to the Justice Center. There are a couple of meetings that will be moving to the Civic Centre, but the majority are going to the Justice Center.

MS. COPP: On Renner Road?

MS. LECURU: On Renner.

MS. COPP: Okay. Okay. Well, then I entertain a motion to adjourn.

MS. SHANNON: I move we adjourn.

MS. COPP: I have a motion. Do I have a second?

MS. SAWYER: Second.

MS. COPP: Donna second. All those in favor aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed? (Motion passes 7-0). Thank you.

(Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Adjourned at 5:54 p.m.)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das October 19, 2015

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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