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August 6, 2015
5:30 P.M.

Board Members Present Staff Present
Elaine CoppParks and Recreation Director Holman
Peter EhrlichAquatics Specialist Keenan
Donna SawyerRecreation Coordinator Kate Kinkaid
Denise ShannonManager Parks and Facilities DeGraeve
Jennifer Riggs
Pam Cremer
Shelly Fabac
Board Members Absent
Rebecca Bailey
Doug Hill
(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Called to Order at 5:36 p.m.)


MS. COPP: -- meeting to order. Could we have a – before we get started, Rebecca is not here. Elaine Copp, the Vice Chair, will be running the meeting tonight. Could we have roll call?

MR. EHRLICH: Peter Ehrlich.

MS. SAWYER: Donna Sawyer.

MS. SHANNON: Denise Shannon.

MS. FABAC: Shelly Fabac.

MS. COPP: Elaine Copp.

MS. RIGGS: Jennifer Riggs.

MS. CREMER: Pam Cremer.

MS. COPP: Thank you.


1. Approval of June 26, 2015 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Minutes

MS. COPP: Consent Items.

MS. FABAC: I move that we approve the minutes from the last meeting.
MS. SAWYER: Second.

MS. RIGGS: Second

MS. COPP: I have a motion to approve the minutes. Donna Sawyer was second. Are there any questions or comments? All those in favor of the motion say aye.


MS. COPP: Opposed? Motion passed. (Motion passes 7-0)



MS. COPP: Discussion items, Erfurt Park Update.

MR. HOLMAN: Yeah. I just want to kind of go over the park. These pictures didn’t come out very good, so I just wanted to show you some of the progress that we’re seeing. And I’ll put them up on the screen. Here’s a picture that we had a while back before a lot of the trail was in. There were some pads in, and now today. This was taken with a drone at a thousand feet. I don’t know why it’s so dark.

But anyway, now you’re starting to see the grass. As you can see the fields are grass. This island is grass. They’ve started the perennial garden up the hill. Next week, this little area right here we will start planting the perennial garden. And we’re going to kind of follow them as they do their concrete sidewalks so we’re not all trying to get everything done at once. So, right down here they’re starting pour the floors for the -- the sidewalks for the nature play. So right here we’ve got climbing rocks, so the kids can climb on. The climber, if you got the Dispatch yesterday, it’s the net climber. There’s a picture of it up. The playground is in with the swings. The rocks are here. They’ve now started to build the falls that come down from the bridge, and then this right here. And then putting the rocks over by the eyelash where the overflow.

Let’s see. Well, we went out yesterday, and this whole hillside has really got some real nice wildflowers growing up.

MS. SHANNON: Is that where we planted them when we had the --


MS. SHANNON: No, no, darn. They didn’t grow huh? Oh, well.

MR. HOLMAN: No. It’s kind of dug up.

MS. SAWYER: Purely symbolic.

MR. HOLMAN: It’s where the field is. See how green that grass is? The guys did a good job.

Remember when we were having some issues with the contractor? Had a pretty big come-to-Jesus meeting and they’ve really kicked it in gear. So, they are saying that they will be done by September 8th, so we’ll see. Steel should be there tomorrow. Fingers crossed and then we’ll see. Tthe fireplace is going up. It looks really nice. We’ve got both bathrooms and the janitorial, the chase is in and the walls are all up. And then they’ll start building the roof here pretty soon. And then they’ll do the floor, start building the roof and then start doing the stone and the stucco and the cedar trim. So, our ultimate goal if you look at the picture that you have it’s looking like it a little bit. But it’s getting exciting. We’ll get there. Any questions?

So, as they get a little bit closer, I don’t know, we talked about maybe going out there. Need to see about trying to get a van or something and we can -- we might be able to run out there one night.

MS. COPP: Donna, you had a question?

DONNA SAWYER: Neil, have you set a dedication date?

MR. HOLMAN: The dedication date, the Germans are coming October 10th no matter what. I’ve got 17 of them coming.


MR. HOLMAN: October 10th.


MR. HOLMAN: Saturday. And we will probably -- obviously everyone will get an invitation. We are looking at maybe 10 o’clock. Probably be like the opening -- I’m working with the people across the street, so we are going to Skype to Germany like what we did last time and that was very well received over in Germany. Hopefully everything will be good. The buildings will look good. A lot of fun for everybody and hopefully everyone is pleased with it.

MS. COPP: Does anyone else have any questions for Neil? Thank you.

MR. HOLMAN: But we will try to get, let’s see next month is August – September, so it’s getting pretty close. So, I don’t know, we’ll try to come up with an offsite tour for this meeting. Would that be something everybody would want to do? Maybe we can run out there and we’ll just maybe have like a box lunch or dinner something if you want. Or if not, then we could just run out there look at it and chat and come back. I’ll keep you informed and I’ll get with Tonya and we’ll try and put something together and see if that would be good with everybody.

MS. COPP: Thank you, Neil.


MS. COPP: Member reports. Does anyone have anything they would like to report? Okay. We’ll go onto staff reports.



MS. COPP: Let’s see, Director’s reports. You’re giving Tonya’s report?

MR. HOLMAN: No, I think Sean will. This whole week and last week we’ve been interviewing firms for the PSP, the Planning Sustainable Places grant that we got. Now, that is the trail and the sidewalks and the connectivity from the neighborhoods to Turkey Creek and to Nieman, so we will start creating a plan for that. Along with that is the two TAP Grants. The one TAP Grant is the Nieman Corridor study and so that will go from Shawnee Mission Parkway to 55th Street. So they’re talking about a road diet to make it more pedestrian, more bicycle friendly. We will start developing committees for both of these groups. So, if anyone would like to be part of that committee for downtown, would love to have you. I had my bike board meeting this morning and I’ve got individuals that want to be on both committees. But it will be citizens. Since we are hooking into Merriam, we will ask them to be on the committee as well. They’re very excited about it and want to try to get this going. Now this is only plans. There’s a call for projects in 2016 in which we will -- once we have these plans, then we will be sitting pretty good to ask for some money. So hopefully we’ll be able to do the planning this year, run into next year and then if we do the grant and then maybe be able to construct and do something on Nieman and do something to Turkey Creek. So that would be good.

The other connect, the other TAP grant, Connect Shawnee with the three bridges. Next Tuesday I’m going to the MARC board or the Transportation Enhancement Board. I’m going to ask for just an extension in time. We just can’t get to it. We are two months behind on Erfurt Park, which I thought we would be a lot, you know, we’d be better off. And then with these two grant and the time to do, to be working on to help work with these with planning and then with Mark Sherfy, the Traffic Engineer on Nieman I just don’t have the time. Bert and I are spread really thin trying to get Erfurt done. Connect Shawnee is about a $600,000 grant that we got. I was working with a lady on the Connect Shawnee grant and then she left and then I was given to somebody else, a department that doesn’t even do grants, and I mean they don’t know what they’re doing. So that’s been very frustrating. And then we got our grant signed, you know, our agreement. You have to have an agreement signed, then we send it back to them and we still don’t have a signed agreement. So it’s hard to start since we have to pay for everything we do in cash. I’ve got my talking points for the committee next Tuesday and I don’t think I’ll have a problem to just have an extension till 2016 and then we can start. But we’ll start this winter selecting a firm and then hopefully getting it out to bid. It would be nice to get it February or March to bid. That’s where we’re at on those projects. So, any questions?

MS. COPP: Does anyone else have any questions for Neil? I’ve worked on that Nieman project, that Connect Shawnee, so I’d like to help you on that committee.

MR. HOLMAN: Thank you.

MS. COPP: If there’s anyone else? Thank you.


MS. COPP: Parks report, is there anyone? Sean, you’re going to do the report on Parks today?

MR. KEENAN: I was actually going to speak for Tonya. Obviously last Friday Parks and Rec Month ended. We did an activity every single day and all of those activities went very well. I don’t have the report on that. Tonya was keeping track of it, of attendance for each and every activity.

I can speak for the Aquatics section of it. We did have thousands of people for those activities that we held at the facility. I know that a lot Kate’s events were successful, her classes, her workout or fitness classes on those Wednesdays were a success, and then, of course, Shawnee Town had their own events as well as park maintenance. So Tonya has a spreadsheet. She has listed that. I know that she wants to present that, so she’ll be showing you guys that next month.

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the final concert for our concert series. We did do the one out at Stump Park a few weeks ago and it was hot. It was the hottest day I believe of the summer so far with the humidity. But the fireworks show went off fantastic and it was really great. Our sponsor Bratton Brothers, they had their big annual party for everybody. So it went off really well, it was just, it was very, very hot.

So, tomorrow the Kaopectones the band out at West Flanders. And that will start at our normal time. Again, in the shade. So, but tomorrow’s forecast looks to be about in the 80s, so it’s going to be a really good show.

And then just a reminder that we do also have the Tour de Shawnee coming up on the 30th. I know that Tonya has me typically handle the volunteers when it comes to routes and signs and she’s given me a couple of your names already for t-shirt sizes. So, if you haven’t informed Tonya I’m sure she’ll want to hear from you if you’d like to volunteer. So, if you’re interested, I would just say to contact Tonya if you haven’t, along with your t-shirt size because we do provide board members with the shirts. And this year she’s going to do something a little bit different. She’s looking at doing those performance athletic shirts so that’s going to be kind of fun for everybody. I know that’s kind of big in a lot of outdoor recreational activities now.

So, and then going forward next month, the following month we’ve got the barbeque contest. The Shawnee Great Grillers currently has only seven openings left for teams. It’s a very popular contest, so I don’t imagine there being any problems there. Judges are full already. Kate ran a KCBS certified KCBS class that was full and a lot of them wanted to be in and now they’re being put on the wait list because a lot of people returned for that. So, we’ll probably talk more about that next month and when we talk about volunteering for that because there are always volunteer opportunities if you would like to be involved in those events and programs.

So, but that’s pretty much it. We’ve got a lot of busy programs and now with the fall coming up, it’s a lot of special events that we are going to be running. So, all right? Thank you.

MS. COPP: Anyone have any questions? I just have one question. I don’t know what this falls under, but Neil was talking about the dedication of the Erfurt Park. Are they going to have an October Woods this year where they do the --

MR. KEENAN: Neighborwood?

MS. COPP: Neighborwood, I’m sorry.

MR. KEENAN: Neighborwood, yeah.

MS. COPP: What’s that date?

MR. KEENAN: Kate has that date.

MS. KINKAID: It’s a Saturday. It’s the 17th.

MR. KEENAN: The 17th of October.

MS. COPP: October 17th

MR. KEENAN: And this year it’s at Garrett Park. Yep.

MS. COPP: Okay.


MS. COPP: Okay. Well, let’s do the Aquatics report. Sean, you want to come back up?

MR. KEENAN: And I’m coming back. Okay. Sean Keenan, Aquatics Specialist, City of Shawnee. I know that last month I talked about how we were down on numbers. Surprisingly we’re actually only down three percent right now. So we’ve caught up what with the good weather. Now granted that was from another previous year of a late start. But this year we do have the advantage of us going into the first week of September. Labor Day is not till the 7th this season, so I would foresee us hopefully meeting, if not exceeding our attendance.

As far as swim lessons, we finished up swim lessons last week. We had a little over 1,600 participants in the swim lessons program this year. We still have private and semi-private swim lesson requests, so we are going to continue. That number will fluctuate or will increase as people’s schedules allow. Our swim team, we did great this season. We had a lot of fun. We had a larger team than last season and we ended up getting 4th for All-City Swim and then we got 2nd place for All City Dive. The kids had a great time. We had a little over 250 kids on the team, so it was a lot of fun and we had -- all of our returning coaches had a great time and had nothing but good things to say. So that went off really well.

Our dive-in movie night, we had 420 that came to that. It was so crowded that we had lifeguards every 10 feet since I have to shut off the lights, and we only keep the pool lights on. So it was packed. You know it was as packed as it possibly could have been, so that went off great. We did all of our Fun Fridays. The last fun Friday we have is tomorrow where we play games with the kids every hour. Those have been very well attended and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback there.

Our adult swim lessons were completely full this season, so it was very popular. That’s one of those programs that we charge a nominal fee because we’re just focused on people, giving them the option or the availability to learn to swim regardless of age. We had people that were 28 learning to swim for the first time and we had people that were 80 that were learning to swim for the first time. So, it was, you know, a lot of positive feedback there. And we had actually had a lot of request for private swim lessons too going forward for the adults. So that went really well.

And the last thing that we have, and I just want to kind of, especially for Elaine, is that we’ve got the K-9s at the Cove coming up. So that’s August 17th.

MS. COPP: You know I have a new dog?

MR. KEENAN: Do you?

MS. COPP: Well the other one he went to doggie heaven.

MR. KEENAN: Yes. Well, then again we’ve still -- we’re still going to be there for you. So that’s --

MS. COPP: Will the water be warm?

MR. KEENAN: It will be warm. It’s heated and it’s actually been a hot season, or hot season this month. So that’s going to be our next special event. That’s on August 17th. And this is how quick the season is going, is that Splash Cove closes for good this Sunday. So, Splash Cove will close this Sunday and then we go to school hours which is from 5-8 Monday through Friday starting on August 12th because Shawnee Mission is starting very early this year. So, and then we will be open school hours and the normal on weekends until the 7th of September. Any questions?

MS. COPP: Thank you Sean. Any questions?

MR. KEENAN: Thank you, thank you.


MS. COPP: Okay. Recreation report. Is Kate back there?

MS. KINKAID: Hello. Kate Kinkaid, Recreation Coordinator, if you didn’t know that. Quick summer recap. Summer camps this year were a huge success. All of them went great. We had great attendance in all of them. People were really happy with the offerings, I mean all ends of the spectrum. We had cheerleaders, we had painters, we had computer people, kids check everything. We had cooking camps. They all went great.

Additionally, our barbeque judging class that Sean mentioned for a second there, we had 72, and that is the absolute max amount of people we can take for that. And talking to our instructor who has been doing it for like 15 years, he can only think of a few other times that we have maxed out at 72 and we maxed out at 72 with a wait list of people so we had quite a few.

SenCom for the summer, our participation in our SenCom, our senior computer classes was down a little bit. That is pretty typical for those classes. Generally, which I’ve already started to see it, is I see an incline August, September, October. I see an increase for participation for those classes in the fall and surprisingly the winter I get an increase in my senior computer classes.

Pickleball has also been off the charts with participation this summer. What we kind of found out is some of the community centers close down and don’t do pickleball during the summer because they have summer camps with kids in there, so they don’t do pickleball. And so we’ve received quite a few of those participants which is great. We love having people there. Some of our pickleball participants don’t appreciate it quite as much, they don’t get as much play time. I believe they’ve asked Neil before if he wants to add in some extra pickleball courts to the Civic Centre. So, they love their pickle ball. So we expect that to kind of level back out a little bit though as some of the other community centers open back up and start their regular pickleball times.

For the fall programs, hopefully you got your brochure in the mail. Hold onto it, it goes through December. With that, the good news is that with the budget this year, starting in 2016, we’ll have four brochures a year. So, your next brochure will come out end of November, beginning December and it will cover January, February, March, so it will only have three months in it, you won’t have to hold onto it so long and you get to see it four times a year. This fall some of our new programs, we have some new gymnastics programs for preschool. We even have a parent-tot in there. Those are at the Mill Creek Activity Center, so that’s something new that we’re trying this year with them. They have gymnastic classes and so we are trying to offer a few that are offered there. Chess programs are in there. Really excited the Kansas City Chess Club came to me, I guess they offer a lot of after-school things, homeschool things, just chess programs on the Missouri side, but nothing on the Kansas side, so they were looking to teach somewhere and we have someplace to teach so we’re doing those. We have fitness classes. We kind of revamped that just a little bit, some new classes in there. They’re kind of a slow start but we’re working on it. I’m activity recruiting. If you know anybody who’s interested in teaching fitness classes, send them my way I would love to talk to them. And then one thing I’m excited about, we have a baseball and barbeque day trip this year. Basically, we are going to go out and tour Kauffman, then we’re going to go have barbeque at Arthur Bryant’s and then we’re going to tour the Negro League’s Baseball Museum. So, it’s a big day of baseball and barbeque and kind of seeing Kansas City. Any questions for me?

MS. COPP: Thank you Kate.


MR. HOLMAN: I’m going to do Charlie’s. Shawnee Town 1929.

MS. COPP: Okay. Could we have a report from Shawnee Town 1929?

MR. HOLMAN: I’d love to.

MS. COPP: Okay, Neil.

MR. HOLMAN: Neil Holman, Parks and Recreation Director. Charlie, they do such a good job, Charlie and the staff. This weekend if you got nothing going on, Time Travelers in the morning and then they have an ice cream social from 2:00 to 3:30. It includes a Churn of the Century. Hit and Miss Engine. So the churning ice cream, it will be free ice cream. Charlie Chaplin will be there and the Anchovy Fisherman will be playing on the gazebo. The August 11th, Tuesday, next week, Speaker Series, Cindy Higgins will discuss soda fountains of Kansas at Town Hall. August 13th, Time Travelers for the museum, just a regular day at the museum from 10:00-3:00. And then August 15th is the last Time Travelers for this year, and that will be 10:00-3:00 as well. August 26th, the speakeasy, Putting on the Ritz, Fashions of the 1920s. That’s where you get your password, you go in. We have some kind of those bartenders that make up some kind of wild drinks, kind of 1920s drinks and we also have other beverages and some snacks for you. And then you sit and listen to a – it’s kind of a short program. They’re fun. And then August 27th is Jammin’ on the Green, and my favorite band that Charlie has there is the Grand Marquis will be at the gazebo from 7:00-8:30. They’re awesome. So that’s just for August.

MS. COPP: You’re busy down there, Neil.

MR. HOLMAN: They are, aren’t they?

MS. COPP: You have any questions for Neil, or slash Charlie?


MS. COPP: Okay. Do we have any other business? Do we have a motion to adjourn?

MS. FABAC: I motion to adjourn

MS. COPP: I have a motion from –

MS. FABAC: Shelly.

MS. COPP: Shelly, I’m sorry.

MS. SHANNON: I’ll second that.

MS. COPP: Denise seconded. Any questions or comments? All those in favor aye?


MS. COPP: Opposed nay? Thank you.

(Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Adjourned at 6:04 p.m.)


I certify that the foregoing is a correct transcript from the electronic sound recording of the proceedings in the above-entitled matter.

/das August 25, 2015

Deborah A. Sweeney, Recording Secretary



Tonya Lecuru, Deputy Director Parks and Recreation

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