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August 27, 2015
9:00 a.m.
City Hall

Stephen called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Members present included: Stephen Powell, Joyce Pisani, Rod Houck, Shirley Douglas, Norge Jerome, Teresa Wolken, and Jim Courtney. Vicki Charlesworth and Neil Holman were absent.

1. Welcome new member Norge Jerome

Stephen introduced Norge Jerome as the newest member of the task force. Norge provided information on her background. Norge discussed her experience with CityRide. She said that the 10/10 dispatch needs to be “culturalized” so they are able to communicate with older people and other people who are using the system.

Norge provided very useful feedback about call center issues she experienced. She also shared her concerns about the call center not knowing how to relate to CityRide users.

Teresa said she’ll work with the call center manager to educate call takers about how to speak with CityRide users. She said they are working on a video to help drivers understand the card system. It will be shared with the City so they can use it to educate the riders.

Norge said that the drivers have been very gracious. She has learned to have appointments in the morning because it can difficult to get a taxi in the afternoon.

Rod talked about an experience he had calling in for a ride and not being picked up when he was told he would be. He also mentioned that the card reader in the cab can be difficult for older riders who are not used to technology.

Teresa said they are looking into updating the card reader in the cab that may be easier for riders. She said she hoped the video would be ready sometime next week.

2. Approve Minutes from July 2, 2015 Meeting MOTION: Rod/Shirley: Approve minutes with amendments. Motion carried unanimously. 3. Ridership Stephen reviewed ridership reports and ride sales/budget projections.

Shirley asked if riders are accumulating rides.

Stephen said he could look in CabConnect and see what riders had the most rides accumulated. He said they can only accumulate sixty.

Rod said he was encouraging riders to purchase the cards and start buying the rides in case they need use a lot for a specific purpose.

The task force asked for the following reports to be researched:
Stephen noted that the vouchers sales and rides report are in line with the remaining 2015 budget. He also said that donation forms were included with renewal notices for all business licenses. So far, two donations totaling $75 have been received. A letter is sent to each donor from the Mayor thanking them.

4. Grant Updates Stephen provided an update on the 5310 Grant. The KCATA approved the City’s RFP and it was published. Responses are due next week. Acceptance of the grant, the Title VI Plan and awarding the contract is on the September 14, 2015 Council agenda.

Norge asked if we compare our ridership to other cities.

Jim said that Olathe is much larger and provide a very different service. He also mentioned future possibilities to share services across jurisdictions.

Teresa said they are already participating in shared services among the school districts.

Jim said we will want to coordinate with KCATA for grant purposes as the program grows. As the work evolves, there will potentially be a spike in demand and we may see people coming in to us the program that will count as “new riders” under the grant program.

Stephen provided an update on the Walmart Community Grant. 5. Church Memorial Program Rod discussed the Church Memorial Program. The church secretary could provide vouchers to members of the congregation. They have been working with Paula. When they are out of vouchers they will go back to the memorial committee to see if they want to fund it further.

Jim said the question is, does the City want to allow faith based organizations to set-up accounts with the City. The riders would have to qualify for the service. They would pay up front and riders would come in and get a card and the church would let the City know how many rides to transfer to the rider’s card. He said it might be good to start with faith based organizations to see how it goes. It might be good for the grant.

Teresa said we should talk to CabConnect about setting up accounts in the system to accommodate this activity.

Stephen said the Church rides would be fairly easy, and it should be kept easy for everyone.

MOTION: Rod/Shirley: Moved to establish a faith-based organization funding program.

After much discussion, the motion was tabled so that Rod and Stephen and go to the church and discuss the program with them.

6. Update on Fundraising/Education/Outreach Rod provided an update on his efforts to education various groups about the program. As part of the educational process, Rod created a brochure intended to be used for fundraising efforts. He is now using it for education. He has put fundraising on the back burner for now. He is in contact with a financial advisor to discuss funding options for end of life giving, etc. He mentioned he will contact the Chief Operating Officer of Shawnee Mission Medial Center later this Fall to educate them and ask for funds. 7. New Business

There was no new businesses. 8. Next Meeting The group decided to meet November 5, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.

MOTION: Shirley/Rod: Moved to adjourn. The motion carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 10:53 a.m.

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