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October 5, 2015

7:30 P.M.

Commissioner Augie BoginaPlanning Director Paul Chaffee
Commissioner Bruce BienhoffDeputy Planning Director Doug Allmon
Commissioner Randy BraleyPlanner Mark Zielsdorf
Commissioner Dennis BusbyAdministrative Assistant Angie Lind
Commissioner Kathy Peterson
Commissioner Les Smith
Commissioner Alan Willoughby
Commissioner Steven Wise
Commissioner Doug Hill
Commissioner Henry Specht
CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Good evening and welcome to the October 5, 2015 meeting of the Shawnee Planning Commission. We’ll start with roll call.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Peterson.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Willoughby.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Bienhoff.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Busby.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Bogina is here.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Wise.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Braley.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Specht is absent.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Smith.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Hill is absent.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: If you’d please rise and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Thank you. Item C is the Consent Agenda. Items 1 through 3 are listed under the Consent Agenda. Unless there is a request to remove an item from the Consent Agenda, the items will be approved in one motion. Is there a request to remove an item from the Consent Agenda? And prior to the motion I would say that I have employed Mr. Nolte of Nolte and Associates in the past and so I would abstain on Item number 3. Is there a motion to approve the Consent Agenda?


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Commissioner Peterson.

COMMISSIONER PETERSON: I move that we approve of the Consent Agenda Items 1, 2, & 3.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Thank you. Commissioner Wise.

COMMISSIONER WISE: Second the motion.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: There’s a motion and a second to approve the Consent Agenda, all in favor.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Opposed? Motion passes.

(Motion passes 8-0 on Items 1 & 2; Motion passes 7-1-0 on Item 3, Bogina abstain)

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Item number D is New Business which is:


PLANNIND DIRECTOR CHAFFEE: It seems like we were just here a couple of months ago. The City Attorney has proposed amendments to the Zoning Regulations to provide further clarity regarding building setbacks.

A series of interrelated amendments are being proposed. The amendments revise the definition of “setback” and provide a definition of a “temporary structure.” The general requirements regarding accessory structures is proposed to be modified to refer to the bulk requirements rather than the bulk setbacks to better conform to the definition of “Bulk.” With the addition of the term temporary structures, the additional use regulations for the traditional residential districts are proposed to be amended to remove the verbiage “under the currently adopted building code.” Finally, in the Height and Area regulations for a series of zoning districts, the word “setback” has been added to the minimum yard requirements.

We have attached a redlined copy of the proposed amendments that will be reviewed. As a cleanup item to assist Ellis with some questions brought up in some other communities and so we just want to stay ahead of the game.

With that, after review and discussion of the proposed amendments to the Zoning Regulations, staff recommends the Planning Commission authorize publication of a Notice of Public Hearing to consider the proposed amendments at the November 16, 2015 Planning Commission meeting.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Thank you, Paul. Is there any questions for the staff? If not, is there a motion to authorize the publication of a Notice of a Public Hearing on this item? Commissioner Willoughby.

COMMISSIONER WILLOUGHBY: I make a motion that we authorize publication of a Notice of Public Hearing to consider the proposed amendments to the Zoning Regulations at the November 16, 2015 Planning Commission meeting.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Thank you, Commissioner Busby.

COMMISSIONER BUSBY: I second that motion. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: There’s a motion and second to authorize publication of a Notice of Public Hearing for consideration of the proposed amendments, all in favor?


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Opposed? Motion passes.

(Motion passes 8-0)

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: That takes us to:


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Paul, do you have some other business?

PLANNING DIRECTOR CHAFFEE: One item real quick relating to the site plan on the Consent Agenda this evening for CityWide Electric; a couple meetings ago we talked about the design guidelines and incentives for the downtown area and this was one of those cases where when we first met with the applicant, you know, I have to have all this parking in front of my building, you know, and I can’t bring it up front and we visited with them on it a little bit and let them know, you know, there’s some advantages to you to bring your building up to the front; talked a little bit about building materials that we expected to see; the building materials that you saw tonight are nowhere near what the building materials were the first time that we saw the building; but through the whole process the owner understood what advantages there were to him for him to bring the building up to the front and then by bringing it closer to the front the advantages for him using some more enduring products to make it more of the commercial type building even though he’s sort of a quasi-commercial/industrial user and , you know, first wanted to use metal panels and saying we’re not going to approve that, this is what we expect and came up with a nice building; so, just wanted to let you know that, you know, through the incentive programs and lending developers, or business owners know what we expect, we really can see some good results and this building’s, you know, a block away from Nieman Road but it’s got to look nice, it’s an addition to Downtown and we’re taking a parking lot that’s hardly ever used and putting it to a productive use; I think he understood that a lot of the trucks he uses in his business right now are parked in front of the building and now they can be back in behind the building and they can be more secure; he actually has, you know, better ability to utilize his indoor space for supplies as opposed to having to use it for trucks and equipment, so I just wanted to let you all know that they really did a real good job and I’m anxious to see the building get up and running and I think it will be something that as we see more development happening on vacant sites or redeveloping that when it’s all said and done we can point to that building and say this is what we really wanted and they understood that this is what we meant; just a pat on the back to these guys for really doing a good job and I’m sorry they already left but we’ve relayed that to them anyway so…

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: I know that you, and Mark, and Doug, and as a whole transmit to developers that the Planning Commission has criteria and expectations and in this particular case I think that the owner received a lot of value for what you transmitted to them and so I know the Commission appreciates not having to explain anything to them while they’re at the podium, the things that we’ve, the process is recreated and so the staff does a very good job, and some of them want to come in anyway and make their case and that’s fine, but this doesn’t seem like the Commission in the past that’s really wavered a lot from quality standards in what they hope to achieve for the City. So, thank you.

PLANNING DIRECTOR CHAFFEE: And I think the other bonus that we have is as CityWide grows again, hopefully they’ll need a larger building, at some point in time they understand our standards but what gets left behind is truly a building that is functional for a retail or an office type user for the future; we’re not just stuck with something that’s going to experience vacancy for a while.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Does the Commission have any questions? Does staff have any other business?

PLANNING DIRECTOR CHAFFEE: No other business this evening.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: And so, Andrew Nave will be in two weeks?

PLANNING DIRECTOR CHAFFEE: Andrew will be here at your next meeting.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Okay, thank you. Commissioner Busby.

COMMISSIONER BUSBY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Saturday, this Saturday morning at 10:30 will be the dedication of Erfurt Park on 71st and Gleason. Now, I know Randy will be there, I know Alan will be there, and I will be there; on Wednesday evening about 9:00, 13 people from our Sister City of Erfurt will arrive in Shawnee and they’ll be here until Sunday about noon; they will be at the dedication and a speech will be on-line, too; the whole dedication ceremony will actually be on-line due to the great cooperation and great work the City of Shawnee and the Parks Department have done; it’s really an incredible park and all the things the City has done to make this a special occasion is very much appreciated. So, hopefully you’ll come out Saturday morning at 10:30 when the weather’s beautiful, thank you.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Thank you. Is there any other business of the Commission? If not, Commissioner Braley do you have a motion to adjourn?


COMMISSIONER BRALEY: I have a motion that we adjourn this evening’s meeting.

CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Thank you. Commissioner Bienhoff.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Motion and second to adjourn, all in favor.


CHAIRMAN BOGINA: Opposed? Motion passes.

(Motion passes 8-0)