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City of Shawnee Transportation Task Force
July 2, 2015
9:00 a.m.
City Hall

Vicki called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Members present included: Vicki Charlesworth, Stephen Powell, Joyce Pisani, Rod Houck, Shirley Douglas, Jim Courtney, and Neil Holman.

1. Approve Minutes from April 30, 2015 Meeting

2. Ridership
Stephen reviewed ridership reports.
Jim noted that most of the riders over a five month period are what he refers to as “checker outers” or those who use the system when they need it, which was good in his opinion. He was very encouraged by the numbers.
Vicki mentioned that another survey will be conducted later this year. The group discussed possible questions to ask:
 Why did you use it? Medical, shopping, emergency
 When did you use it?
 How often do you use it?
 Do you feel comfortable using it?
 What could be done to make this a better experience?

Rod was concerned about the geocoding for Shawnee Mission Medical Center. He thought the number was low over a five month period.
Stephen said he could look at the GIS data with Cheryl.
Rod asked for a raw file with the last two months of data to see if he could verify that we are catching all the rides.
Vicki said Wal-Mart was the largest destination. CityRide receives a grant from them. It may be time to ask for more funding from them based on the ride data.
Stephen noted that there have been 2,394 rides from January to May. The 2015R budget includes an additional $5,000 for CityRide.

3. Grant Update Stephen provided an update on the 5310 Grant. The City received $24,000 and is working with KCATA on finalizing the grant application.
Rod said he would reach out to nursing homes and other organizations to bring new riders on board.
Neil mentioned having posters translated into Spanish and posting them in businesses that cater to Spanish speaking folks.
Vicki said we will have to re-bid the contract.
Stephen said he was working with KCATA on the RFP.
Jim said to check with Olathe to see what they did and to check with KCATA and Catch-a-Ride to see what they do for language assistance.
Vicki mentioned that Norge Jerome agreed to serve on the Task Force starting at the next meeting. The City will arrange for transportation.
Jim/Shirley, Approve Title VI Plan. Motion carries unanimously.

4. Update from Rod Houck on Transportation Resources in Johnson County

Rod has been gathering information on transportation resources in Johnson County and referred to this document titled Summary of Transportation Resources for Seniors.
Rod discussed notes he gathered on the Secrets of Social Fundraising Success. He and Jim had identified ambassadors to raise money for the program. He mentioned reaching out to some of the Councilmembers about being ambassadors.
The group mentioned doing videos to promote the service and tell the riders’ story.
Rod discussed his document titled CityRide Overview. He intends to discuss it with physicians at the Shawnee Mission Medical Group. Rod will continue working with on the document. He will gather comments from Jim and others before finalizing it for publication.
Vicki said the City could brand it.
The group talked about the necessity to provide a community that caters to everyone so that the people with money don’t leave for a different community that will provide what they want. This includes maintenance free senior housing.

5. Consider request to provide rides to medical appointments outside of City limits

Vicki mentioned it may be time to discuss allowing riders to go outside of Shawnee for medical appoints.
Shirley expressed concerns because our ridership is growing and we may not be able to pay for it.
Jim noted that people can go outside of the city now for medical appoints but they have to pay for it. He said KCATA would be collecting data over the next several years. In the future, they may some a mechanism to subsidize those types of trips out of a regional fund.
Shirley didn’t feel we should take this on at this point in time.
Rod noted that there are other transportation options to go outside of the City. He referred to his Summary of Transportation Resources for Seniors document.
Jim noted the Link for Care website has a lot of information. He also noted that Lisa Womack with the KCATA is available to assist with Travel Training and other programming issues. He noted that Lisa’s call center should be available in the next 2-3 years.
There was general consensus not to expand the service to medical appointments outside the City at this time. The City Clerk’s office can provide other resources for riders.

6. Voluntary donation request on City business licenses

Vicki mentioned that something would be added to the business license renewal form to ask for CityRide donations.
Jim mentioned that we may want to set up a fund for donations for services. He also mentioned that some of our CityRide clients may not have family or next of kin and may interested in end of life giving opportunities.

7. New Business

Jim mentioned that self-driving vehicles are being tested in Mountain View, California. He mentioned it might be a good idea to begin thinking about how that technology could compliment the CityRide program in the future.

8. Next Meeting The group decided to meet August 27th at 9:00 a.m. instead of September 3rd.
The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m