Council Actions

The Shawnee City Council held its regular meeting on Monday, September 26, 2016. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. and the following actions were taken.

Consent Agenda
The Consent Agenda was approved and included minutes from various meetings.

Mayor’s Items
Mayor Distler proclaimed October 2, through October 8, as National 4-H week and commended the Oxford Hustlers 4-H Club of Shawnee for setting a good community example.

In addition, Mayor Distler proclaimed October 9, through October 15 as Fire Prevention Week.

Public Items
As provided by Policy Statement, PS-65, Economic Development Fund, a Shawnee Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Application for Vision Care Associates, LLC for $24,796 for qualifying loan fees was approved.

The 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was approved. The CIP includes projects that exceed $150,000 in cost and encompass streets, stormwater, parks, facilities, and traffic control.

The second of two required public hearings for the 2017 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Plan was conducted. Following the public hearing the City Council approved the 2017 CDBG application that included funding for the following:
  • Street/Stormwater Improvements to 59th Terrace, King Street to Barton Street ($173,592);
  • the Minor Home Repair Program ($25,000);
  • Salvation Army ($7,360);
  • YMCA of Greater Kansas City ($12,265);
  • Johnson County Parks and Recreation ($10,860); and
  • Catholic Charities of Johnson County ($4,555).
Funds will be provided for actual repair costs under the Johnson County Minor Home Repair program. If funding exceeds $233,632 the additional funds will be used to further reduce the City’s cost for the 59th Terrace project.

A Special Use Permit was approved for Deffenbaugh Industries to allow land filling operations generally located on the SW Corner of Interstate 435 and Holliday Drive. In addition, the Council authorized the City Manager to continue the engagement with Blackstone Environmental for an Odor Study.

Items from the Planning Commission
A Special Use Permit was approved for Yessica Contreras for Big Smile Day Care, an in home day care, at 11943 W 66th Street.

Staff Items
Final plans for the Clear Creek Parkway Improvement Project and an ordinance authorizing acquisition of private property for the project was approved. In addition, the City Council authorized staff to take bids for the project.

The purchase of equipment for the City's sign truck from American Equipment in the amount of $40,482 was approved. The sign truck is used to by Public Works Traffic Division to maintain thousands of traffic signs.

An ordinance amending Title 12 of the Shawnee Municipal Code related to wireless telecommunications facilities and infrastructure was approved. The Kansas Legislature passed HB 2131 in 2016 that created a statutory right for wireless carriers and infrastructure providers to place poles and towers in the right-of-way. These changes establish procedures for how these facilities will be regulated to best protect public, health, safety and welfare.

Miscellaneous Council Items
Lastly, the semi-monthly claims for September 26, 2016 (city-wide expenses for the period) were approved. The meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.

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